Fremont has many more young braniacs than Newark

Fremont has about five times more residents than Newark but it has 95 times more National Merit Scholarship semifinalists than the city that won’t stop giving us Newark Days.

Last week we printed the names of all the national merit scholarship semifinalists. But here’s the breakdown by high school:
Mission San Jose: 65 (That’s my count, but I’m no scholar. I covered the opening of a Deaf Center today and twice referred to American Sign Language as ALS.)
Irvington High: 19
American High: 10
Washington High: 1
Kennedy High: 0

Newark Memorial: 1
Logan High School (Union City) 5

To see the names as they were printed in the Argus, including Fremont Christian students, which I’m not counting as part of Fremont’s 95, click where it says to click.

At Fremont’s American High School, the National Merit Scholarship semifinalists are Aditi Aggrwal, Erin Kunz, Sally Lin, Vivian Lo, Nina Partha, Rupa Subramaniam, Albert Sung, Deborah Szeto, Puneet Thiara and Robin Zhou.

At Fremont Christian High School, the National Merit Scholarship semifinalists are Isaac Butterfield and Anthony Zhao.

At Fremont’s Irvington High School, the National Merit Scholarship semifinalists are Chuyi Cheng, William Chon, Anthony Cordova, Jinelle Fields, Divya Gowthaman, Hyungsuk Kim, Anand Lakshminarayan, Wesley Lau, Katherine Lee, Michelle Lee, Tracy Liu, Kevin Lu, Natalie McDonald, Akshay Narayan, Sahil Pandya, Jing-Xi Peng, Kevin Shieh, Jason Wang and Bradford Windsor.

At Fremont’s Mission San Jose High School, the semifinalists are Ankita Agharkar, Lorenza Ayala, Gurleen Chadha, Susan Chang, Erik Chen, Roger Chen, Samantha Chen, Evonne Cheng, Thomas Chi, Dongho Choi, Jacqueline Chu, Sonia Fan, Eric Gan, Ashwin Ganesh, Carl Gao, William Gu, Arnold Ha, Grace Han, Ronnie Hong, Karen Hsu, Mihir Jain, Abel John, Elaine Kuo, Adrienne Lam, Meredith Leu, Selena Leung, Alex Li, Chang Li, Jeffrey Li, Sarah Li, Jamie Lin, Tiffany Lin, Sneha Lingam, Bowei Liu, Rose Liu, Aileen Lu, Bryan Nguyen, Kevin Ohkura, Tiantong Qin, Janvi Shah, Vaishaa Shankar, Stephen Shey, Victor Sia, Indu Subbaraj, Nitya Subramanian, Akhil Sundar, Samyukta Swaminath, Libby Szeto, Jia Tang, Olivia Thet, Jasmine Thottungal, Weiting Tseng, Kethaki Varadan, Paroma Varma, Douglas Wilson, Steven Wong, Debra Wu, Daniel Xu, Joy Xu, Vishal Yadav, Eric Yai, Terisa Yiin, Richie Zeng, Kevin Zhang and Zhuoran Zhang.

At Fremont’s Washington High School, Avnish Patel is a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist.

At Union City’s James Logan High School, the semifinalists are Mithila Kareti, Ye Kyaw, Scott Nicholson, Alex Shi and Brandon Zhou.

At Newark Memorial High School, Kuhuk Goyal is a semifinalist.

Matt Artz


  1. WOW! Mission has changed so much that I remember the days when I was able to pronounce the names.

  2. Hey, can you include a link to the complete California list of semifinalists?

  3. It’s really not important, but just to let you know, two Mission kids have had their names misspelled: Selene Leung and Vaishaal Shankar.

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