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Reminder, the I-680 Toll Lane goes into effect today. Anyone who who uses that road is more than welcomed to report whether it made a difference on the morning commute or if they liked or didn’t like it.

From the cops:
When security at the Lucky supermarket tried to detain two shoplifters Saturday, one of the perps showed them a knife and then took off with his younger lady friend. But security followed them as the walked southbound on Farwell and the cops caught up to them and made the arrests.

A woman called police Sunday to report that gangster looking guys were harassing her kids on the playground of Centerville Jr. High School. Officers, arrived, possible gangsters fled, but cops stopped and arrested two of them at Holy Spirit Church.

Shoplifter was caught at Foodmaxx Sunday placing items into a baby stroller.

Several males robbed another mail at the Jack in the Box parking lot Sunday in Centerville. The victim’s GPS and cell phone were stolen. The robbers fled in a gold Chrysler with 20″ chrome rims.

From the wire:
Story on Jill Keimach’s departure from Fremont
Fremont wants answers on PG&E pipeline.
Merc story on Tesla in Fremont

Matt Artz


  1. So Ms. Keimach is leaving a job in Fremont that pays $208,00 for a job in Moraga that pays her $168.000. So we know it’s is definitely not the money.

    Interesting comment from council member Natarajan in the Merc article, “She doesn’t look at economic development as being a couple of Walmarts and sales tax dollars,” she said. “She understands what it takes to market a community and do the infrastructure and get it to the point where you attract people to move in.”

    That would be as opposed to Mr. Diaz who never met a Wal-Mart he didn’t like. Now we know why she left.

  2. MArtz, It sounds like you are sour grapes over the success of Tri City Voice. TCV has increased circulation and now they are printing two editions a week. The Argus has lost clout as the local community paper. Frankly, it looks like you are the only one covering the area, with occasional write-ups by Ben Aguire. Steve Waterhouse is sitting somewhere in Hayward running the Argus & Daily Review. Unfortunately, all of the content in the Argus is the same one that is printed nationally. The Argus has lost its touch.

    I for one look to the TCV has the new local paper. I get my latest scoops and info about what is going on. Sorry Matt, don’t dump on the TCV — it’s a valuable resource.

  3. “She understands what it takes to market a community and do the infrastructure and get it to the point where you attract people to move in.”

    I think this is an important statement. All the fairy tail technology firms you can get to Fremont wont mean a thing. People still want to live in an eventful community. Unless you’re only goal is for the Fremont population to swell from 8AM-6PM, the issue of attraction needs to be met somehow.

    BTW Re 680 Toll lane, I checked it out. The toll was $1 and traffic was beyond light, which it usually is in that direction. It has been blatantly obvious to me that the lane should have been installed on the north bound side of 680, but then again I don’t work for the gov, so I’m not all that adept at pissing away metric s__t loads of money on these things.

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