Fremont News of the Day


Reminder, the I-680 Toll Lane goes into effect today. Anyone who who uses that road is more than welcomed to report whether it made a difference on the morning commute or if they liked or didn’t like it.

From the cops:
When security at the Lucky supermarket tried to detain two shoplifters Saturday, one of the perps showed them a knife and then took off with his younger lady friend. But security followed them as the walked southbound on Farwell and the cops caught up to them and made the arrests.

A woman called police Sunday to report that gangster looking guys were harassing her kids on the playground of Centerville Jr. High School. Officers, arrived, possible gangsters fled, but cops stopped and arrested two of them at Holy Spirit Church.

Shoplifter was caught at Foodmaxx Sunday placing items into a baby stroller.

Several males robbed another mail at the Jack in the Box parking lot Sunday in Centerville. The victim’s GPS and cell phone were stolen. The robbers fled in a gold Chrysler with 20″ chrome rims.

From the wire:
Story on Jill Keimach’s departure from Fremont
Fremont wants answers on PG&E pipeline.
Merc story on Tesla in Fremont

Matt Artz