Fremont School takes standardized test scores super seriously

On Tuesday night Oliveira Elementary School will honor students who did well on the STAR standardized tests.

Students who scored proficient or advanced will get certificates.

Students whose scores jumped two or more levels or who scored at least 600 will get trophies.

And students who didn’t do well will be publicly cursed by real estate agents for not helping prop up home values.

Just kidding about the last one, but this event is no joke.

Oliveira has honored their top test takers for the last four years, and the event is so big, they have to hold it at American High School. Even the new superintendent, Jim Morris, will be there at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Matt Artz


  1. My children scored above proficient…..that’s their job! Their reward is a happy mom and dad – good self esteem -no trophy needed.

    I was asked to give $6.00 to be able to view my child’s grades online…give me a break! Needless to say I did not give the money….maybe the PTO could pay for that? instead they do music and art stuff. Not a life skill if you ask me.

    p.s .I think I will opt-out of the STAR testing this year as it only makes the school look good and not my kids! I want to watch the look that I get from the administrators….. 🙂

    Who paid for the trophies? PTO?

  2. Volunteer, you bring up some good points about STAR testing, but c’mon – “music and art stuff” not a life skill? There are some of us out there that do make a living from “music and art stuff”, and in doing so truly understand the value this “stuff” has on developing creative, well-rounded individuals. It’s sad that it’s the PTO that has to fund these programs, but at least they are.

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