Clean Technology visit

Guess where Jerry Brown is going to be Monday to talk about clean energy and all that Jazz?


Sorry Solaria, Moonbeam will be orbiting around Newark’s PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems – to discuss his opposition to Prop. 23, his plan to create 500,000 green jobs and his opponent’s intention to roll back California’s clean air and energy standards.

Matt Artz


  1. Vinnie, take notes at this event. Divide Browns fairy tail projections by 10,000 and substitute “this great state” for “Fremont” and you should be good to go.

  2. Matt:
    Someone told me Jerry Brown was in Newark on Thursday 9/23.
    You said he’ll be in Newark on Monday. Who’s correct?

  3. Vinnie, regarding post #1 above: substitute the word “nudnik” for Marty – and we all should be good to go.

  4. Actually, Anon. I made an error above. I should have written “…substitute this great state with Fremont”. Does the “nudnik” comment still stand after the correction?

  5. Yes Marty, I afraid the “nudnik” comment still stands. But hey, I’d be glad if Fred thought I was one!

  6. Calling all nudniks! By that I mean Fazlur, Kathy, Vinnie and everyone who killed professional baseball coming to Fremont. You ALL should have gone to this event, brought your gloves and maybe Jerry would have tossed you some lemons!

  7. 7-Charlie C: That would be a gentleman by the name of Lew Wolff. Contributing factors were a) the real estate crash (which made all those expensive houses that Lew hoped to build & sell to finance his portion of the “village” unfeasible) and b) the retailers at Pacific Commons (who didn’t want the traffic rush of a stadium disrupting their businesses). The alternate Warm Springs site was a poor fallback that Lew didn’t really want (he really wanted San Jose all along) and his inability to build & sell expensive houses behind PacComm to help finance the project did that in as well. Some people in Fremont wanted a stadium and some didn’t (both had their little marches & rallies), but Mr. Wolf was the “nudnik” who killed it, so have Mr. Brown toss him a lemon.

  8. RescueBlues,
    Good Explanation but People like Charley do not let the facts get in the way of there distorted , revisionist views ..
    The A’s are going to San Jose Diridon Station. That is what lew wanted all along. Charlie, why don’t you ask Lew yourself?

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