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From the cops:

Rival gangs fired shots a block or so from City Hall Tuesday just before 1 p.m. Tuesday. Gangsters in a black Honda fired about six shots at Norteno gang members in a silver Toyota. No one was hurt. Bot parties fled the scene but the shooters were later arrested in San Leandro.

Police arrested a man who told them a crook had brandished a gun in the parking lot of Diamond Palace, near the interstection of Peralta and Maple. Police surrounded Diamond Palace and ordered out the occupants, but there was no one with a handgun. The supposed victim was then arrested for being under the influence.

Matt Artz


  1. Woulda thought this one might have made the daily coverage but in the absence of anything formal here’s a plug for Muscular Dystrophy contributions . . . if you’re out and about, that is – plan a trip thru the intersection of Mowry and Fremont Blvd., you can help “Fill the Boot” and have quick visit with a smiling FFD face !

  2. I wouuld like to know why the shootong doesn’t make the front of the home page of the Argus but SFGate had it on their’s at 4:30PM yesterday.

    The Safeway at the Hub has both doors manned for MDA donations

  3. Tom, it did make it into today’s Argus. Page A5, across from the Local page. Middle of the page under the heading In Brief, “Fremont Shooting.”

  4. Well Martz is going to get all over me for this, but the Local page, which is typically page 3, was replaced by Capital One Bank’s full-page ad, a paying customer. Even Bill Marshak understands the importance of the almighty ad dollars. The “Local” page bumped to page 4, with stories from Hayward, San Leandro, and Castro Valley, although Fremont was mentioned in the subhead. And yes Martz, the photo was taken at James Logan High School.

  5. VOR, The day before they had the local page cut in half with an advertisement at the bottom of the Local Page. In the Local news was a story about “Psycho Sam” which was a story from Virgina! What does that have to do with local? The rest of the news was about San Leandro & Hayward. What the heck is happening to local news at the Argus?! Tri-City Voice has got my support as the local newspaper in town. Argus is losing the battle.

  6. VOR, That’s one of the reasons I do this blog — to get more Fremont news out there. Off to Lassen.

  7. Have fun at Lassen. The Twin Lakes loop is pretty cool, especially jumping in the lake after hiking out to Cinder Cone and back.

  8. Martz, we do appreciate your efforts. You’re providing pertinent information to the residents of Fremont, Newark and Union City. It also allows us the opportunity to add our personal thoughts about the issues. And, we don’t have to wait 30 days before our next submission, although at times that might be a good thing.
    Go take a hike and enjoy!

  9. Note to FPD: Keep writing all those tickets while this
    these types of crimes are going on here to often….

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