City Council Meeting Wrap-up

PG&E was here to discuss the pipeline that runs through Fremont that is listed the second most dangerous in the system.

The pipeline runs through Mission San Jose north of I-680 and then cuts through Irvington across Washington Boulevard and Osgood Road.

PG&E promised they’d repair it by the end of 2012.

There’s a lot PG&E still hasn’t told the city, such as why it’s listed as the second most at-risk pipeline or whether there are automatic shut-off valves.

But Fire Chief Bruce Martin says he’s seen enough info and talked to enough PG&E folks that he doesn’t think the pipeline is an imminent danger.

PG&E is doing engineering studies on the pipeline and still determining if they’ll have to replace the pipeline in parts or just reinforce it. The pipeline was built around 1947-48, which makes it a little older than the one that blew in San Bruno.

For a good look at where the pipeline runs, click here.

Matt Artz


  1. If you go to the phmsa.dot.gov map you can do an up close look by selecting “view by street address” (top menu bar). Type in your address. It will then display a detailed, zoom of the area.

  2. Since the #2 spot was not achieved overnight, I wonder why the COF was not aware of this before the San Bruno incident?

    Why PG&E did not tell the COF and why the COF was not checking in on such things in general.

  3. Does the gas line have above ground markers indicating its location? The high pressure fuel lines, also shown on the map, in red, are marked. A drive down Driscoll from Mission Blvd. to Washington Blvd. reveals markers in the center divider showing its location.

  4. the one on Driscoll Rd is a Petroleum line, the marker specifically indicates it. As per the PG&E gas line, it goes close to 680 and MSJH all the way across Paseo Padre into Mission Valley Area and on to Osgood Rd further down. That is what I see from the maps Maybe, I am wrong.

  5. That’s the reason for my question. The fuel line down Driscoll is clearly marked above ground. Is the PG&E gas line marked in a similar manner?

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