Matt Artz


  1. It is good news to see funds coming into FUSD. So what does this do to Measure K which I thought would be to fund programs that these funds are now going to?

    Kudos to the district for revealing this before the vote.

  2. The article says the district will still have a deficit even with this money. It still seems to me that Measure K is needed going forward. The district has been spending it’s reserves, this windfall just helps for the short term.

  3. Measure K is short term also. I think Measure K will have some campaigning to do in light of this news.

    On the other hand, the 2002 Bond was executed very well with funds being returned after the completion of the original projects. Based on such a good track record, we need to start thinking of a Technology Bond.

  4. Chinmoy: Measure K is for 5 years, so it’s longer term than a windfall that has to be spent by 2012. Even with Measure K, the current deficit won’t be covered.

    I can’t tell from your comments so far: I support Measure K, do you?

  5. It doesn’t matter what our individual positions are on Measure K. You can deduce your own conclusion when I am advocating for a Technology Bond. However, my point is that in light of this windfall funds, the Measure K campaign team has some additional campaigning added to their list. Particularly so, after the city’s experience when they voted down a city wide measure (I cannot recall which one) and then were told later that the city found some monies.

    My opinion is based on my first hand experience with campaigning for the 2002 Measure B and being on the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee of both the FUSD and the Ohlone Bond (2002 Measure A).

  6. Chinmoy: I don’t agree it does not matter what your position is, especially given your previous involvement in the bond campaigns. I’m in favor of measure K, and I’ll defend that position. You are making comments about how Measure K supporters need to do additional campaigning, and comparing this to the situation with the city. So do you think Measure K is not a good idea, or do you support it?

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