F-mont is a boy-dominated city

I’m still looking at census results

Although there’s a high margin of error for these stats, the most interesting thing I see is that Fremont’s male/female ratio is out of whack among the youth.

If you do a little math using the census figures you’ll find that there are way more boys than girls under the age of 18.

Here are the figures or Fremont’s 17 and under population
Boys: 27,806 (58 percent)
Girls: 20,227 (42 percent)

The odds of having a boy child in industrialized nations is 51.2 percent.

Let’s look at Berkeley’s 17 and under population. It’s much more even:
male     7,314 (50.45 percent)
female  7,183 (49.55 percent)

Same with the City of Alameda’s 17 and under population
male     7,036 (51.6 percent)
female  6,592 (48.4 percent)

It’s interesting. But there’s not enough data to draw any conclusions from these numbers, which, again, are not as precise as what we’ll see when the actual census is released early next year. Nevertheless, I’ll be curious to see school enrollment data from Fremont Unified.

Overall, Fremont has a less overwhelming male majority across all age groups
Males       108,586 (52.8 percent)
Females    96,935 (47.2 percent)

However, there are a lot more old women in Fremont than old men
For the age 65 and older population:
Males      9,443 (43.9 percent)
Females 12,052 (56.1 percent)

Matt Artz


  1. I can believe it. I have been wondering for several years why I see a preponderance of little boys being born among my friends here. In my son’s KG and 1st grade class in Niles, the ratio is something like 18 boys to 10 girls. Don’t know if something is in the water these days. They do say that times of stress tend to produce boys but I can’t think of why people would have been stressed out 6 years ago, unless it’s a democrat/republican thing. Maybe 4 years from now, heavily republican districts will have a preponderance of boys…But then Berkeley proves the opposite, although for Berkeley, any major party is right wing so they are probably used to it.

  2. Assuming good data, parents probably have been and are using sex selection. I hope the data is bad. For the older population, male mortality is always higher throughout life, so we see more older women.

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