Pumpkin Justice

Two weeks ago we wrote about vandals smashing almost all of the pumpkins at theĀ  Azevada Elementary School garden.


Well, if newspapers serve any purpose these days it’s to dispense guilt and seek empathy, and, sure enough, folks answered the call.

The school has received pledges for more than 300 pumpkins — that’s more than they had in the garden and almost enough for every student. Yesterday Carl and Stephanie Stoloski donated a 98-pound pumpkin to replace the giant pumpkin that the vandals stabbed to death.


On Monday, The Agricultural Institute of Marin, which runs the Newark Farmer’s Market, donated 150 pumpkins and 25 young winter season plants (seen below).


Good O’le Dale Hardware donated new wooden flag poles that the vandals had broken stabbing to death the giant pumpkin. And Mrs. Joyce Azevada, a relative by marriage of the school’s namesake has promised to deliver some pumpkins from her garden when they’re good and ready.

Matt Artz

  • Ishan Shah

    Our community and its ability to come together…beautiful thing isn’t it?

  • FremontGuy


  • Matt Zinger

    18-year old Ishan is a true politician. No wonder he flipped from City Council to Ohlone College to save Anu Natarajan

  • Ishan Shah

    Just trying to be appreciative about something here…


    Thank you to all the folks at Dale Hardware for stepping up to the plate for the kids.

  • californiaguy

    Kudo’s to Dale hardware

  • volunteer

    What a great outcome from a sad story :) Thank to all the folks who steped up to the plate. <3!