Power Couple?


Meet the Rodriguezs. Vladimir Rodriguez is running for City Council and his wife, Diana Rodriguez, who ran for council in 2002, is running for school board.

They might not have much chance to win, but at least they can save money on lawn signs — one name fits two campaigns.

Diana wants more intervention programs for struggling high school students and quality sex ed (I’m the one who brought up sex)

Vladimir wants no housing near Coyote Hills and a return of Fourth of July Fireworks, paid for not with new taxes, but with something else — maybe banquet hall rentals.

More on them next week.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

Officer Todd Young continues to recover and is slowly being drawn out of his chemically induced coma.  Doctors are optimistic that in time he will be able to make a full recovery.  Todd remains in ICU with no further operations scheduled.

Here are a few more rushed tidbits.

Jill Keimach, who has headed Fremont’s Planning Department for several years is leaving to be the city manager in Moraga. Her departure follows the departure last month of Deputy City Manager Melissa Dile, who took a similar job in Mountain View.

Some bastard or bastards ransacked the garden at Azevada Elementary School late Wednesday, hurling pumpkins at the school and repeatedly stabbing one gourd that was too big to lift. They also chucked a lot of tomatoes from the garden at the school. I’m hoping to have  time to post a photo of the punctured pumpkin, but sundown is fast approaching.

What else?

Several Fremont natives have a surf band and played at the Great American Music Hall in SF recently:


And, the City of Fremont earned kudos for its website.


Niles Canyon Road closed part of next Saturday

From Caltrans:


ALAMEDA COUNTY –State Route 84 in Niles Canyon, from Old Canyon Road in Fremont to west of Sunol, will be closed for extreme maintenance on Saturday, October 2, from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Except for emergency services, the roadway will be closed for all westbound and eastbound traffic, including bicyclists. Work will include, but is not limited to: litter removal, drain cleaning, weed and overgrown brush removal, tree trimming, mowing, rock slide clearing, shoulder grading, pothole repairs, sweeping, striping, and delineation.

This maintenance work is mission critical and must be done prior to winter to help prevent flooding and mudslides, which could cause lane and road closures during winter storms.

The California Highway Patrol will be on site for traffic enforcement. Please remember to Slow for the Cone Zone.


The Globe is dead, long live The Globe

Argus readers know my obsession with The Globe shopping center, the mostly vacant complex on Stevenson Boulevard just west of I-880 once billed as Fremont’s Epcot Center.

Phase I was supposed to be some sort of Little Saigon/Asian marketplace, but the economy tanked, the developer didn’t want to deviate from his unique vision, and nearly all the storefronts stayed vacant.

I talked to a gent today who’s interested in opening a sports bar there. I asked if an Asian-themed sports bar could be successful. Is there really a market for televised kick-boxing, ping pong, and high stakes Mah Jongg?

He replied that the owner said it didn’t have to be Asian themed.

So it looks like The Globe is just another strip mall, only with more vacancies.


Three Democrats, two seats, one endorsement

As written above, the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee decided to endorse Jan Giovannini-Hill for the two open Fremont seats on the Ohlone College Board of Trustees. That means they  snubbed Garrett Yee and Ishan Shah.

Shah not getting the endorsement is no surprise. Giovannini-Hill has been an active member of the party since Ishan was knee high to grasshopper.

But Yee is an incumbent, and when the three candidates went to before the committee’s 13-member screening  committee, Yee was the only one to get unanimous support. That meant his endorsement was supposed to sail through on consent at the committee’s Sept. 11 meeting.

But any committee member can remove a candidate from the consent list, and before the Sept. 11 meeting Trisha Tahmasbi, who who works for outgoing Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, D-Newark, removed Yee from the consent calender.

Yee didn’t attend the Sept. 11 meeting, while Shah and Giovannini-Hill did attend and fielded questions. In the end, Yee couldn’t muster the 60 percent of votes needed for the endorsement.

Tahmasbi works for Torrico, who shares a law office with Fremont Coucnilmember Bob Wieckowski, who Yee challenged and lost to in June’s Democratic primary to replace Torrico in the Assembly.

Wieckowski, who has endorsed Yee for Ohlone College Trustee, didn’t attend the endorsement meeting.

The folks I’ve spoken to assume that Tahmasbi pulled Yee’s name off consent as payback for Yee challenging Wieckowski in the Assembly primary.

I emailed Tahmasbi about this yesterday, but haven’t gotten a reply.


Fremont Police investigating Ohlone incident

From the Ohlone Police Chief:


This is to inform you that a serious crime occurred on the Fremont campus on 13 September 2010 at approximately 1750 hours (5:50 pm) in parking lot D.

An Asian female student walked to her vehicle that was parked in Lot D and entered the vehicle. A young male that she had seen in parking lot C approached her passenger side of the vehicle and said something to her that was unintelligible as she was getting ready to back her vehicle out.

She rolled down the passenger window to hear the male. He reached into the vehicle, unlocked the door, and sat down in the front passenger seat. The male then displayed a kitchen knife and asked the female several questions.

The female student answered the questions and informed the male that her English was not very good. Another male and a female got into the rear seat of the vehicle. The second male and female had been with first male in Lot C. The female student was told to get into the back seat and she complied.

She offered her purse but it was tossed aside.

The female student tried to escape and she was grabbed by the first male and someone else grabbed her hair. The female student began to scream for help and several students and a staff member started towards her vehicle.

The two black males and black female exited the victim’s vehicle and ran in a westerly direction towards Mission Blvd.  They lost sight of the males and female as they ran into the field area.

Campus Police was notified and an officer responded. Upon determining what had occurred, the officer contacted Fremont P.D. at 7:05 pm and a Fremont P.D. officer arrived on campus at approximately 9:45 pm to take a police report.

 The female student suffered a bruise to the right upper arm but is otherwise uninjured.

 Because of the nature of the crime, the Fremont Police Department will conduct all follow-up investigations and inquiries.

 Campus Police will check the campus for any possible suspects and assist the Fremont Police with the investigation.

 Steve Osawa
Campus Police Services, Safety and Security


If you’re ever in St. Louis and nature calls …

St. Louis Ice Cream Parlor’s Restrooms Voted Nation’s Best

Fountain on Locust Wins 9th Annual “Cintas America’s Best Restroom Award”

Cincinnati, Ohio. – The finest restrooms in America are in the Fountain on Locust in St. Louis, Mo. So says the Internet public who cast online ballots in the 9th annual “America’s Best Restroom” contest presented by Cincinnati-based Cintas Corporation (Nasdaq: CTAS), a leading provider of restroom hygiene products and services.  High-resolution images of the winners’ facilities are available at http://www.bestrestroom.com.

The 2010 contest attracted nominations from a wide cross-section of businesses, including restaurants, hotels and several theatres. Ten finalists were selected based on exceptional hygiene, style and open access to the public.  “We are absolutely thrilled and honored to have been chosen by the public as having the Best Restrooms in America,” says Joy Grdnic Christensen, owner of the Fountain on Locust.  “We put a lot of thought and effort into the design and construction, and we are certain that many of our customers come back because they know our bathrooms are not just unique but also clean.  Earning this national recognition means a lot to our entire staff.”