An Argument for requiring candidates to be at least 25

Here at The Argus, we ask all the candidates to answer a questionnaire, and then we print most of the answers before the election. The most entertaining and least long -winded response came from James Greaney, who’s running for Union City Council

> Name: James Greaney
> Date of Birth: March 31, 1986
> Occupation: Retail Sales
> City of Residence/How Long: Union City/ 16 years
> Local Businesses/Properties You Own: NONE
> Family:Some
> Education: AA
> Elected Positions held:None
> Other Experience: Simcity?
> Party Affiliation:None
> Car You Drive: F-250
> Three main campaign issues (in 25 words or less for each issue)
-Do my best to maintain this city.
-Act in the best interest of its residents.
-Try to keep industry in the city.
> Why Are You Running: I don’t remember, sounded like a good idea
> Website:http://www.facebook.com/Greaney2010

Matt Artz


  1. Oh James, you’ve got my vote. That is exactly the kind of apathy I look for in a leader.
    You are a great example for you peers. That “I don’t give a $#@!” attitude is refreshing.
    If you get elected I can’t wait to see you at meetings texting and playing games on your phone.
    If you were in Fremont, I bet you would still beat Fazlur by 250 votes.

  2. 18 is old enough. 25??

    How about asking what age is TOO OLD?

    Say 75? Possibly 80? Nahhhh. 72 Tops.

    That’s that.

    Now catch your breath. I am not suggesting they be put out to pasture or relegated to a daily routine of court t.v. Not at all. There are plenty of other things that “active” senior can do for his or her city and/or it’s goverment.

    I’m not suggesting that Octogenarians can’t think sharp,
    just that they’re generally less eager to sink their teeth into things as say …… a 22 year old.

  3. Age has nothing to do with being a political sleazy hack.

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