An Argument for requiring candidates to be at least 25

Here at The Argus, we ask all the candidates to answer a questionnaire, and then we print most of the answers before the election. The most entertaining and least long -winded response came from James Greaney, who’s running for Union City Council

> Name: James Greaney
> Date of Birth: March 31, 1986
> Occupation: Retail Sales
> City of Residence/How Long: Union City/ 16 years
> Local Businesses/Properties You Own: NONE
> Family:Some
> Education: AA
> Elected Positions held:None
> Other Experience: Simcity?
> Party Affiliation:None
> Car You Drive: F-250
> Three main campaign issues (in 25 words or less for each issue)
-Do my best to maintain this city.
-Act in the best interest of its residents.
-Try to keep industry in the city.
> Why Are You Running: I don’t remember, sounded like a good idea
> Website:http://www.facebook.com/Greaney2010

Matt Artz

  • Ishan Shah

    I politely and respectfully disagree.

  • FL

    Me too, I think any candidates for public office should be 21.

  • Billy Bob

    Oh James, you’ve got my vote. That is exactly the kind of apathy I look for in a leader.
    You are a great example for you peers. That “I don’t give a $#@!” attitude is refreshing.
    If you get elected I can’t wait to see you at meetings texting and playing games on your phone.
    If you were in Fremont, I bet you would still beat Fazlur by 250 votes.

  • tony Irvington

    18 is old enough. 25??

    How about asking what age is TOO OLD?

    Say 75? Possibly 80? Nahhhh. 72 Tops.

    That’s that.

    Now catch your breath. I am not suggesting they be put out to pasture or relegated to a daily routine of court t.v. Not at all. There are plenty of other things that “active” senior can do for his or her city and/or it’s goverment.

    I’m not suggesting that Octogenarians can’t think sharp,
    just that they’re generally less eager to sink their teeth into things as say …… a 22 year old.

  • californiaguy

    Age has nothing to do with being a political sleazy hack.