Fremont News of the Day and Yesterday

From the cops:

Officer Todd Young continues to recover at Highland Hospital and is doing well.  He underwent surgery Thursday to repair his bladder, and is expected to remain at Highland for at least another week.

A Fremont resident responded to an ad in a Chinese language newspaper for a demon eradicator. The victim met with the eradicators several times and gave them money and jewelry. But the victim wasn’t satisfied with the eradicators’ work. When she went to their headquarters on Action Court to retrieve her jewelry, she realized that the eradicators couldn’t really expel her demons and that her property was gone.   The suspects are still outstanding.

From the Red Light Camera Desk:

Gov. Schwarzenegger has vetoed the bill that would have lowered the fine a right turn on red violation caught on red light cameras. The reduced fine would have made red light camera programs less profitable — and in some cases unprofitable — for the cities that have them.

From the world of politics:

Vinnie Bacon has no sympathy for Meg Whitman’s nanny issues

From the Traffic Desk:


ALAMEDA COUNTY –Extreme Maintenance has been cancelled for State Route 84in Niles Canyon, from Old Canyon Road in Fremont to west of Sunol. The work previously announced for Oct. 2 has been cancelled due to the State budget impasse.

From the Niles Desk:

Those Niles Folkie music types don’t care that Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, the Indigo Girls, and Emmylou Harris are all playing for free in Golden Gate Park on Sunday. The show goes on at Niles Town Plaza


Matt Artz


  1. Here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery for Todd Young.

  2. Let all pray for the finest Todd Young for his speedy recovery and his wonderful family.

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