Gandhi Jr.

My favorite response this year to our candidate questionnaire came from Fazlur Khan. Click where it says to click to read his story and his plan for Fremont.

Name  – Fazlur Khan

Date of birth  – October 02, 1939

Occupation  – President & CEO, Business Development Experts

City of Residence/ How long – Fremont/ 25 years

Local Business/ Properties you own – Business Development Experts/ Home in Stockton.


Family – My father was a political activist in India along with Mahatma Gandhi, since I was born on October 02, my father use to call me Gandhi Jr, as his birth month and day was similar to mine. . I am married to Shahnoor, a local teacher since the last 43 years. I have three beautiful and talented daughters.  

Education – College graduate in Economics and Political Science. Attended an extensive course of Presidents of  Financial Institutions and also several courses and seminars on management and banking.


Elected Positions held – Director, Board of Directors of Fremont Chamber of Commerce for 3 years.


Other Experience – Worked as a successful International Banker for 36 years in the Middle East and Asia creating thousands of entrepreneurs and jobs. Working as a business and management consultant for 10 years to make the businesses lean, effective, efficient to be more productive and profitable. Travelled around the world to study the systems of government and economy.


Party Affiliation – Non partisan


Car you drive – Honda Civic


The main campaign issues

  1. STRONG ECONOMY AND CREATION OF JOBS : – Build a “ SMART GREEN CITY ” near NUMMI, establish Federal Bank for Green Technology there to make Fremont “ GREEN VALLEY ”, number 1  exporter in the world.
  2. WORLD CLASS EDUCATION :- To create best leaders in all fields, we have to have the best education than Singapore to manage the strongest economy and best job creation.
  3. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT : Establish parks, play ground, senior and youth Centers in all Districts. Introduce Light Rail on the main roads of Fremont.


Why are you running :-

I am running for Fremont City Council because to repower the control of the City Council with people’s power to improve the economy to create thousand of well paying jobs by making Fremont “ GREEN VALLEY ”, for the best education for our kid, community development and improve the quality of life of the Fremont residents. I would like to build a wow concept futuristic city“ SMART GREEN CITY ” with green research university, colleges and schools, world’s best resort, best convention center, arts gallery, mixed used development with parks, play grounds, community garden, senior and youth centers on the 1250 land near NUMMI. It will be world number 1 tourist destination to spend dollars. I will call an International competition for its design and an International consortium for funding for its construction. I am working with Obama administration to establish a Federal Bank for Green Technology, head quartered in Fremont to have massive funding for green technology to Tesla Motors to produce massive low cost cars, Solyandra to lower the cost of its products and Solaria and other green industries. Like silicon valley Fremont will be the number 1 exporter of green technology. This city will be a Tax Free city for 10 years and a shoppers paradise. Fremont will be a dream city for the people to work and spend their dollars. This will create about 50,000 well paying jobs.


Work to make Fremont Schools best in the world. I will work with the Unified School District, parents, teachers and the students to get and raise full funding for our schools. I   am supporting “ Save Fremont Students ”, http://www.SaveFremontstudents.org to raise money.


I will work for community development to build affordable housing for the seniors and low income people. Help prevent foreclosures to improve the value of real estate, also lending for small businesses by establishing a Business Development Commission with bankers and community leaders. Introduce Light Rails on Fremont Blvd and Paseo Padre. Massive public transportation, free for seniors and $10 for students. Create a Police Commission to have better co-ordination between the police and the people for public safety.


To be part of the people’s aspiration and desire to change developer and special interest controlled, present city council members to make Fremont the best city for the people to live,work and raise families. Restructure the city administration to make it lean, efficient and effective to serve the interest of the people. Create an Accountability Commission for clean, fiscally responsible,  accountable and transparent city government to serve the people.

Matt Artz


  1. I kinda like the way Fremont is.. I have seen enough changes already in my 46 yrs…

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