Shahab declares victory, GOP candidates fight each other in race for Stark’s seat

I missed a series of debates at Ohlone College debate to attend the first public workshop on the Warm Springs/NUMMI site.

But the Republican open-carry advocate Adnan Shahab, who’s running against Bob Wieckowski for State Assembly in November declared victory in an email. Here’s what he wrote:

Earlier this evening, the League of Women Voters hosted a debate between myself and my opponent for the State Assembly District 20 seat, Bob Wieckowski. While I had been expecting an hour-long debate, I was a little disappointed that the debate turned out to only be half an hour. In any case, those who witnessed the debate saw exactly how weak of a candidate Bob Wieckowski is and how I am the only candidate who can articulate a true vision for how the government should interact with the people. The League of Women Voters has informed me that the debate was taped, and I will be more than happy to provide you with a link to the video once it gets posted online.

Only 19 people were in the audience for the debate. As my hope is that the voters will have a realistic opportunity to see the differences between us, I publicly challenged Bob Wieckowski to one debate a week between now and Election Day. Bob Wieckowski immediately declined my challenge.

Bob Wieckowski is content with hiding from the public during the campaign (or relying on the slick and deceptive brochures and other marketing that he can afford to purchase). He is relying on misperceptions about what it means to be a “Republican” in the Bay Area, and he is hoping that an uninformed voting population will vote for him because of the “Democrat” next to his name on the ballot. I believe that this is shameful and that the media should draw attention to Wieckowski’s tactics.

A true candidate should be willing to stand up before the people and be judged on his/her integrity, beliefs, and positions on the issues. And in the spirit of voter education, a true candidate should also be willing to debate his/her opponent before the people multiple times. Jerry Brown condemned Meg Whitman (and Steve Poizner) for not being willing to debate multiple times; Bob Wieckowski should be condemned as well.

My spell check is telling me that “mispreceptions” is not a word, but still, I think Shahab is right when it comes misconceptions about Republicans. They like to enjoy a good cup of coffee with an unloaded glock by their side just like any other Bay Area resident.

Meanwhile the Republicans selected Forest Baker to run against Pete Stark in November. Baker had a book published in Germany, and if anyone still doubts his ability to write and write and write some more, check out this post in our political blog.

Matt Artz


  1. Ho hum … Shahab polled the 19 attendees to accurately gauge he won the debate? or is it just wishful thinking.

    on another note, why does Pareja’s signs not prominently display his name? novice he is. He is a write-in candidate. one would think he would want people to know how to spell his name correctly.

  2. I support Adnan Shahab for California State Assembly. I was present at his vetting and he proves to be a conservative candidate and someone I believe has the ability to be in the position of turning the state around. I recommend people looking for a true conservative candidate vote for Adnan Shahab.

  3. The unedited versions of interviews conducted with the local media really help to show that open carriers are responsible, everyday people exercising their individual right to openly bear arms in California.

    If I lived in the 20th Assembly District, Adnan would have my vote.

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