Fremont’s population to shrink in print

In May, the state released figures showing that Fremont’s population had likely swelled to more than 218,000.

But the Census Bureau last week released stats showing that Fremont has just 205,517 residents.

Well, the feds trump the state, so as far as The Argus is concerned, Fremont is a city of 205,000 — at least until the real census is released next year.

Matt Artz


  1. The bad news – this may be the result of Fremont having little to offer in terms of entertainment, art, sports and culture, and thus becoming an increasingly lame place to live.

    The good news – our carbon footprint just got smaller!

    Let’s declare this a Victory for the Bacon camp.

  2. Marty, I am scared. I found myself agreeing with your first paragraph.
    Fremont is the most Boring city in the Bay Area, yes that includes Mal pe tas.

  3. Fortunately, the state recognizes the Department of Finance annual report of population and all state subventions based on population use that figure. As I recall, there was not much difference between the numbers when the 2000 census figures were announced. I think the state uses specific factors, homes, cars, employment, etc., while the census folks use a statistical method. We’ll see who is closest in a few months.

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