Fremont council money race

Here are rankings when it comes to contributions:
1) Bill Harrison — $54,682
2) Vinnie Bacon —$22,627 ( a fair chunk of which is his own money)
3) Anu Natarajan –$21,935
4) Kathy McDonald — $16,367 (a chunk of which is also her money)

If it’s any solace to Vinnie, he ranked first among contributions given by Tri-City Beat commenters.

A few quick notes. Harrison wants to raise $100,000 this campaign, and if he chooses not to spend all of it that would give him money for a future race, like say mayor in 2012.

Natarajan wants to raise about $65,000. She also says she won’t take money from people with projects before the City Council, like the Patterson family, which hasn’t given money to anyone so far.

Bacon and McDonald say they’ve raised about what they need to do what they want to do — like joint television ads and a small joint mailer that will go to select homes. They say those big glossy mailers just get thrown out. Kind of like someone who can’t afford a BMW saying its for the best since it’ll just get stolen.

Give Vinnie credit. If it wasn’t for his father-in-law and Ondresek, all of his contributions would have been from Fremont residents.

Natarajan got a lot of Fremont money. As for developers, there was John Dutra, and his wife, and their company. There was also Mark Robson and his wife, who also bail out the Fourth of July parade most years.

Harrison got money from those folks too. The only people I gave him a hard time about was the Beretta clan, who gave him a combined $750. The family owns a part of the Besaro Mobile Home Park, and David Beretta, who gave Harrison $250, is suing the city ..again… trying to win the right to charge the senior citizens at the park much higher rents.

Beretta also is trying to purchase the city-owned former Centerville Fire Station, which would give him control of the entire east side of Fremont Boulevard from Peralta to Parish Avenue.

And, Harrison was a decisive vote in allowing Beretta to build a mini-storage a couple blocks from the future Warm Springs BART station — an area the council now touts as a future center for green development.

Harrison argues that the mini-storage facility will be redeveloped once the BART station is completed and land values rise. As for taking the  Berettas money when they want to buy a city building, Harrison said the family has been in Fremont a long time (which is partly why they have so much land).

Just because someone gives me a donation doesn’t mean I’m beholden to them,” he said. “I have my integrity.”

Harrison added of David Beretta: “He’s a key player in Centerville controls a lot of land that covers Fremont Boulevard. I’d rather have a relationship with these people where we can work together than be adversarial.”

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TOTAL 56,382



BEGINNING BALANCE 25,564.90 — 26,393.57

property management norman baily 100

jack balch builder 520

basil besh 250

david beretta- vintaco, inc 250

marco berreta vintaco 250

sandra beretta 250

bruce berretta ceo vintaco 250

tom blaclock 300

blt enterprises 520

peter branagh 500

ricard brunelli 250

rina brubaker 100

jrc & associates 350 (jack chesnut Judy chesnut

Yogi Chugh 100

dutra 520

bernadine dutra 520

dutra enterprises 520

emco property mgmt 100

emmett construction 100

firefighters 520

fremont medical group 520

Fudennas 520, 250, 250, 100

haggerty 500

aditya jain california cadio consultants 100

bill lockyer 100

dirk lorenz 250

m construction & Designs 520

paul miller -kidango 250

jp mobasher Realter Legacy real estate and assoc 250

morely bros llc 250

gus morrison 100

Cyndi mozzetti 250


Pac General construction 150

roman reed 250

julie robson 520

robson, mark 520

Raj Salwan 520

Dharan Salwan 520

vijay salwan 520

seema sharma wtmg 520

sita sharma 520

dale sobek 250

john smith realtor 250

torrico 520

bob and linda wasserman 1,000

westgate ventures 520

wieckowski 500

lara york 110


contributions 21,935

total contirbutions 22,547  (includes nonmonetary)

expendtures 23,783

balance 19,360


Liz fig 100

Raj Salwan 250

Kindango’s paul miler 500

Bruce cates  150

dirk lorenz 250

cindy mozzetti 100

john smith 250

doug ford 250

dutra enterprises 520

john dutra 520

bernadine 520

ray tong 250

lara york 150

Alberto torrico 520

Chief Craig Steckler 100

central labor council 500

sue lemke (wieckowski’s partner) 500

wieck 500

salwan property mgmt 500

american animal hospital 500

Vardan Yedav Yadav inc 500

anil yadav vanil, inc 500

seema salwan 250

wasserman 500

bonaccorsi 250

bhupinder bhandari 300

morley bros. llc 250

mark robson 520  Juli robson 520

roman reed 250

Archevon milpitas 520

gus morrison 250

donna olsen 100

judy zlatnik 520

Matt Artz