Not about Fremont

Couldn’t resist posting this clever spoof on Berkeley’s anti-development crowd:

Matt Artz

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    Sly little vegan devil, trying to light the fire of creativity among the commentariat…

    I was going to spend the greater part of this evening photoshopping a scanned Bacon-McDonald mailer, but you may have inspired me to change direction.

  • Gus Morrison

    Not about Fremont, just as the story about the Newark stabbings this morning. My first clue was when it happened at the intersection of Thornton and Olive. Oops. Hope someone talks to the copy editors who write the headlines, wherever they are.

  • Matt Artz

    That error was on me, Gus. I put the wrong dateline in the story, which the copy desk then used to write the headline.

  • charlie C

    The guy wearing the brown cap and glasses represents Lou Wolf shortly after he was punched out by Kathy McDonald. The robot needs a Bacon/McDonald sticker don’t ya think?