Police close down Morrison Canyon Road in search of bones

UPDATE: Cops aren’t going to say if they found any more human bones until tomorrow at the earliest.

Two hikers found some human bones in a remote area off Morrison Canyon Road Sunday. This morning, authorities are scouring the area.

The bones that were located appear to have been in the area for a relatively short period of time (1 to 2 years) and not that of a child. That means they didn’t belong to Hasanni Campbell.

Matt Artz

  • john

    We go up Morrison often and there I remember a terrible smell a couple of years ago coming from the creek. We thought it was dead deer – it was clearly something big – but I guess now it was a person! It was right where the investigators were looking as far as I could tell watching the video from KTVU last night. Next time I guess we’ll have to go look.

  • Joel

    Is that your alibi?

  • Aude

    While researching information about un-identified human remains in the area, and found your article. One of my inlaws went missing on July 2009 and haven’t heard from him since. Couldn’t find an update on this case online. Any chance you know where I can find out if these remains were identified or not. My inlaw went missing from Milpitas, Ca. Thanks.