John Dutra endorses Meg Whitman for Governor

Looks like Mr. D is quite an independent. Ishan Shah for Ohlone and Meg for Governor. Our political reporter, Josh Richman has the scoop.

Matt Artz

  • FremontGuy

    What a joke

  • Sam


  • Bryan H

    The result from Fremont will probably be like 52%:48% for Brown:Whitman, similar to the overall state result. Brown should get 60%-70% of votes in many other bay area cities. Just my prediction.

  • Jon Simon

    While I’m not in love with brown, Whitman has shown nothing but the same Republican garbage, transferring money from the poor to the rich. Anyone making less than 200k a year who votes for Whitman is a fool.

  • californiaguy

    If you were not sure, John Dutra was a Republican, at heart, just look at the evidence

  • Matt Zinger

    Any body voting for Democrat Jerry Brown who are keen on redistributing wealth rather than encouraging people who create jobs and wealth is a BIGGER FOOL. Making even 100K is considered rich if you see the taxes you are paying. Just see the state of California, bad roads, bad services, bad education and only a very large bureaucracy who are getting pensions and benefits for life courtesy Democrat politicians. Where is the tax payer money going? Don’t blame Prop 13 for everything.

  • John G

    I wonder how many times you can drop in Ishan Shah’s name. We all know you love the guy but try to maintain some journalistic integrity i.e. coverage distributions, content bias, etc.

  • Matt Artz

    I didn’t realize I was doing Ishan a favor by name dropping him with John Dutra and Meg Whitman. I’ll try to desist, but he is super charismatic. Don’t you remember what a great entrance he made at his fundraiser last summer?

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    I think if you work for the state, it’s in your best interest to vote for Jerry Brown, as you have a slightly higher chance of preserving your unsustainable compensation for a few more years.

    If you make millionaire money, you have a slightly higher chance of preserving your tax rate, but I doubt CA taxes are going up in any bracket.

    Everyone else is screwed regardless, and you’re not a bad person or a “fool” for voting for either candidate.

  • Bruce

    Not to dismiss his message, but to me the most fun part of Ishan’s videos was getting to see Duke bust a stack of bricks.

  • Ishan Shah

    Bruce, no love for the headbutt?


  • bbox231

    Gosh I never thought the day would come, but in the case of the gubernatorial choices, I agree w/everything Marty said.

    And, since I’m one of those who reside in that highly select group of folks who are bent over the proverbial table and with everyones’ hand in my . . . . ummmm, wallet . . . .

    I figure my choices come down to who I want to grab my ankles for . . . .

    Jerry is at least easy on the eyes and will likely whisper sweet nothings in my ear while he does his bidding with me, OR, I can choose to be abused by the amazing dog-faced gal that will spit in my face when she tires of me.

    Unfortunately, my choice also means that any attempts to reign in the total comp packages for those select public employees who still command wildly extravagent contracts – - – will be significantly watered down.

    Choose your poison . . . .

  • Bruce

    Ishan: The head butt was cool too, but I’d never seen Duke do his thing on the bricks except for pictures. I know the trick is to break the first brick and let it break the rest, but breaking that first brick…

    Regarding Dutra, endorsing Whitman makes him a DINO in my view.

  • Jon Simon

    Brown has supported two-tier pensions in the past. I think that’s a good step for fiscal sanity, but horribly immoral as it screws the young to protect the old. Oh wait, that’s what every generation does.

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    Two tier pensions don’t cut it with me either for that very reason. Considering that most veteran union workers would sacrifice those born after 1975 to the unemployment rolls as long as they can still buy that boat in retirement, it’s a pretty decent compromise.