On the other hand, In Union City …

The council kinda likes Caltrans proposal for Niles Canyon.

Caltrans folks got a much warmer reception last week from gang on Alvarado Niles Road.

Union City council members did have some safety concerns — they wanted to make sure the road was properly lit and striped, and they didn’t want trucks with hazardous materials barreling into town from Sunol.

But otherwise, “Our council generally was supportive,” said Union City’s top planning official Joan Malloy. “The general feeling was these would be beneficial safety improvements.”

She also said she didn’t recall any council members bringing up any issues about the proposed retaining walls diminishing the canyon’s beauty.

Can’t say I’m surprised. When I covered Union City, I remember Mayor Mark Green making sure that new sound walls proposed for Union City Boulevard  matched existing sound walls. He said that consistency in sound wall appearance was a sign of a well planned city.

Matt Artz

  • Jon Simon

    Yet another reason not to combine Union City with Fremont.

  • Jen

    Of course they didn’t comment on retaining walls diminishing the canyon’s beauty. Has anyone looked around Union City??