Matt Artz


  1. Allegedly there was a ex Fremont Councilmember who is a Developer and Real Estate Broker
    Who sold the Church Property at Blacow and Fremont Blvd with the promise of Donating Acreage on The west side of The Patterson Family Proposed Development..
    The sold land was filled with crappy houses and Condo’s
    The only cost was to support the Patterson Development.
    At tonight’s City Council Meeting you will find these good church folks standing up and supporting the Patterson Development.
    In return they get there 5 acres for there Church., on the west side of Ardenwood Blvd. Where the wild life is in Danger.
    When you think the back room deals could not get any uglier, there is this.
    Please come to The Fremont City Council and voice your concerns about back room deals.
    Ask your self, is this good for Fremont.

  2. Richard Frisbee the planner working on approving the Ardenwood development is the same planner working in Newark to get the million dollar housing and golf course plan off the ground. This also involves a mandatory donation of 66 acres to the City of Newark in an “as is” condition for a future golf course or city park facility. Newark has a utility tax on the ballot to help pay for clean-up and building a park on the site while the city cannot afford maintenance on the parks it already has.

    Utility tax proponents have been busy taking signs from the tax opponents’ front yards and private property. The City is afraid they will lose the utility tax measure and miss having revenue to stuff into the general fund.

    Newark residents deserve reporting on the shenanigans going on in the city. Otherwise it is business as usual in a city whose politics resemble old Chicago.

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