Two items of note from the recent round of Fremont City Council campaign contributions filings.

1) Still no Patterson money, although in 2008 Patterson kin waited until just a couple days before the election to give a lot of moolah to one candidate.

2) If Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan do run for mayor in 2012, Harrison could start off with a significant money advantage.

Harrison, the accountant, had $45,712 in the bank as of last week. He said he’ll spend some more on this race, but he’s setting himself up for a tidy war chest heading into the mayoral race, for which he has NOT declared.

Natarajan meanwhile raised $23,529 during the first three weeks of October. But she had only $4,684 in the bank. That means if she runs for mayor in two years, she’s starting from scratch.

Natarajan got a lot money from a lot of people who will be celebrating Diwali next week. She also got $250 from the wife of Jack Rogers. She is one of thw owners of the Besaro Mobile Home Park trying to get the over 55 tenants to accept a major rent increase.

Natarajan as of last week at received $47,879 in contributions. Harrison had received $62,095 and Vinnie Bacon had received $23,965, including $5,000 from his bank account.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, what about Kathy. How much did she raise. Besides, I was not aware that people writing checks were also saying what they celebrate. If so, then it must be a first for a candidate to declare that.

    I thought that only Fazlur’s posts provided for amusement. He should be happy to know he has company in that “the candidates are reporting what their donors celebrate.”

  2. The two incumbents, Harrison and Natarajan, are funded in large part by developers which explains their substantially larger campaign war chests. Vinnie Bacon, on the other hand, has pledged not to take money from developers so that, if elected, he can truly be an independent voice on the council and make decisions that are in the best interests of all Fremont residents, and not be beholden to developers.

  3. Yes, both Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald are the only candidates who are not taking ANY developer money. That says a lot right there. So do their platforms. Fremont desperately needs and deserves a break from the political machine that has had a hold on Fremont for too long. Kathy and Vinnie are the winning ticket for our future.

  4. Ms. Natarajan, burnt lots of bridges when she
    supported the mayor with the A’s stadium. The NIMBYs have remembered…

    Matt …. Please don’t pigeonhole everyone…

  5. I don’t feel like our current city councilmembers are acting in the best interests of the Fremont residents. I agree with some of these comments and also think Harrison & Natajaran should go. I support Bacon and McDonald and think we could use some “fresh voices.”

  6. There are numerous instances of candidates trying to sloganeer to get elected. The slogans we heard across the country in 2008: transparency in Govt., change, discussions held on CSPAN etc. etc. And what happened once the elections were over in 2008? They went back to their old ways holding discussions on health care in smoke filled backrooms.

    In the case of Washington Hospital Board elections, candidates come riding in promising to fight the secrecy of the Board, the stranglehold of the CEO on the Board and yaadi, yaadi yaada. But after they get on the Board they join the crowd instead of voting 4-1 on issues, we see votes of 5-0 always. The systems in place just devour the newly electeds and makes them fall in line.

    INstead of sloganeering to earn votes, candidates would be better served if they they articulate well what they would do instead of telling us what they would not do. And for those who tell us what they would not do need to also tell us how they would work with their colleagues on the Council who they criticized in order to get elected.

  7. Tbone,
    Bill Harrison claims to be responsible for everything good that has happened in Fremont, when in fact he had little or nothing to do with Nummi, Tesla, Solynda.
    He did not help create any new jobs.
    Basically He is the Mayors Flunkie, He makes and seconds motions for him.
    Bill Harrison is the epitome of a Tammany Hall insider,
    He should run, for council, in Chicago.

  8. Bill is very well known RUBBER STAMP OF THE MAYOR and as his Campaign in 2008, he recruited students from various schools on the promise that he will get them admitted to the best college, if they work for the Mayor’s campaign. This was widely reported in the press. The Besaria Senior Housing owners,who are generous contributor to his campaign, would like to increase the rents of the senior tenets. He say after receiving, the very generous contributions ” I HAVE INTEGRITY ” He is also the recipient of various other developers.He would like to run for Mayor 2012, starting his campaign in January 2011.

    ANU is also a beneficiary of the contributions from the owners of the Besaria Senior Housing and other
    Developers. Like Bill she will also run for the Mayor 2012, staring her campaign in January, 2011.This middle aged beauty with a Magic Wand hugs tightly with
    cheek to cheek and courts Republican and gets endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Party. It will be interesting to watch the Cross breed of AN ASS AND AN ELEPHANT.

    The Chinese are the largest minority in Fremont. 2 Chinese retired from Senior Commission, they should have been replaced 2 Chinese. Two Indians were appointed in their place increasing the strength to 4 Indians. 12 out of 13 Youth Advisory commissioners are Indians.Same in various other commissions. Anu does not believe in the diversity. She should have joined supported and strengthen the COMMUNITY 4THOF JULY PARADE rather than spending hundreds of thousand of Dollars on a separate India Parade.


    She was involved in financial fraud of millions of dollars of the Hindu Temple of Fremont. Dr.Dhir filed a suit # 07-318802 against her and got a judgment on Aug 09, 2007 by Judge Bonnie Sabrwa of Superior Court of Alameda County, Oakland. As a Mayor in 2012 she will swindled the entire fund of the City.

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