Emailed to me today

I got a few interesting emails today:

This one shows the not so surprising foreclosure rates in Fremont based on neighborhood.

One person emailed me an Anu Natarajan poster, which I suppose one could read as “A nude livers,”

And someone also decided to see which major Fremont candidate had the most facebook friends. It’s Anu Natarajan.
Here’s the tally:
Bill Harrison has 1,483
Vinnie Bacon has 1,638.
Anu Natarajan has 1,793.

I remember Anu and Vinnie barely having any facebook friends when I started befriending people at a record clip. Now I’m stuck at about 920 and those two have passed me by. I think Harrison has always had more facebook friends than me, so at least he’s consistent.

Ooh! One more. A 64-year-old man emailed this to me. Good to see you’re never too old to enjoy a little fifth grade humor:


Matt Artz

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