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UPDATE:  I talked to the mother of one of the boys injured on Scott Creek Road.  A few new details

1) There were five boys walking home from school about 3:10 p.m.
2) One boy suffered a broken skull.
3) Another boy suffered a broken skull, broken nose and broken arm
4) A third boy needed 40 stitches to close a major cut on his forehead.

They were walking up Scott Creek Road near Riesling, when they saw the vehicle flipping over down the road heading toward them. They ran into the bushes to try to avoid the van.


fremontFrom the cops:

Four Horner Middle School students sustained non life-threatening injuries when a motorist lost control of his/her SUV on Scott Creek Road. The vehicle rolled onto the sidewalk striking a light pole, trees and the four students, none of whom were in school today. The students were taken to area hospitals, as was at least one passenger in the car.  Authorities said the driver was speeding, but that alcohol didn’t appear to be a factor in the crash.

Newark police were called to the area of Lafayette and Ruschin where car was parked in the middle of the road without a right front tire. Officers contacted the owner, who didn’t know how or where she lost the tire. But gouge marks in the road appeared to show that she had driven without the tire at least from I-880. Officers arrested her for DUI.

From the wire:

Mom of the accused testifies in hearing connected to shooting of Fremont police officer
Tesla reopens NUMMI plant

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