Fremont promotes itself and Solyndra and Nummi

Television is a strange medium. It makes Mayor Wasserman look younger and City Manager Fred Diaz look older. But it apparently has no affect on city officials like Norm Hughes and Lori Taylor.

See for yourselves.

Matt Artz


  1. I suspect the most camera shy of all the candidates is Bill Harrison from Fremont’s City Council. Harrison appears to weight somewhere in the range of 350-400 pounds. His electioneering flyer that arrived in my mail box on Saturday had some masterful photography, always hiding as much of him as possible behind other people, but that amount of girth can’t be completely hidden. I may feel sorry for him but I’m afraid he’s a poster child for excesses of all sorts, including taking money from “big money” real estate developers who don’t live in Fremont. He and Anu Natarajan are their favorites.

  2. Wasserman does look younger on camera. But oddly, all those “green tech” manufacturing workers looked like robots.

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