Guns vs hoses

GUNS&HOSES-artThe Fremont Firefighters union have responded to the negative mailer the police union sent against Bill Harrison.

Firefighters union President Jim Martin sent out a robo-call to Fremont residents on Friday telling voters that despite what they may have read, Harrison supports public safety. The call didn’t specifically mention the police union’s mailer.

Harrison is apparently tight with the firefighters union. He does their accounting work. The union has paid his firm about $4,500 so far this year, according to the union’s two most recent campaign disclosures.

Meanwhile, I also got a robo-call from outgoing Assemblyman Alberto Torrico telling me to vote Jan Giovannini-Hill for Ohlone College Trustee. Amusing how he and his predecessor John Dutra always seem to disagree on any tightly contested local race.

Matt Artz