Fremont group stirs yoga debate


Like most people, I associate yoga with firm, flexible women and really annoying men.

But apparently there’s a lot more to it, like spirituality and stuff like that. I guess when I stared at that one young lady while chanting Aum Shanti Aum many years ago, I wasn’t saying what I thought I was saying.

Turns out, I was uttering a Hindu mantra about peace and other thingamabobs.

There’s a lot of Hinduism in yoga, and The Hindu-American Foundation wants practitioners to recognize that fact before proceeding to make googly eyes at limber hotties in overpriced athletic pants.

The group, whose co-founder lives in Fremont, has started a campaign to promote yoga’s Hindu roots, which it thinks will give the religion better ink than, say, the caste system. But not everyone agrees with them, and the debate made the New York Times this weekend.

It was a good story with an even better photograph. Read it here.



Parent attacked Fremont principal (a month ago)

From the better late than never department, a Fremont man has been hit with a restraining order after school officials said he grabbed and shook Centerville Junior High School Principal Sherry Strausbaugh. The incident happened on Nov. 1, and when the parent, who is quite a large man, was spotted on campus the next day, the school went on lockdown. All of this info is from court papers, I came across today.

According to a sworn statement from Strausbaugh, the man entered her office unannounced and started peppering her with random questions, such as “Do you know who I am? Do you know who my child is? Do you remember me? Do you know Steve Jobs?

Strausbaugh says she asked him to leave, but he just kept up the questions: “Where did I get my degree? What qualifies me to run a school? Did I have a graduate degree,” she wrote.

Strausbaugh had her people call the cops, but before they arrived, the man, “walked towards me, placed his hands on my shoulders (close to my neck) and began shaking me and said “Sherry.”

The principal says she pushed his hands of of her and told him, “get your hands off of me and sit down.” He sat down, then got up close to her again, and later returned to his seat, at one point asking the vice principal, “Do you think (the police) will Taser me or beat me with the club…”

The cops, who arrived 25 minutes after the parent had entered the principal’s office, didn’t Taser him, but they did have to “physically pull (him) from the chair and detain him against the wall” where they handcuffed him. He was arrested for trespassing and assault and battery.


Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the Newark cops:
A 43-year-old man violated a restraining order and battered his father on the 4900 block of Stafford Place. He tried to escape before officers arrived, but police eventually found him hiding under some bushes on a path near a lake.

Police arrested 19-year-old man, who they say ran into Marv’s Liquors and ran off with beer.

From the web:
The Tri-City Volunteers, which can use more food and toy donations this month, got some help from a local auto body shop.



This article was written right after President Obama came to Solyndra to announce the $535 million loan guarantees for the new Fremont plant. It is skeptical of Solyndra’s prospects and questions the Department of Energy made a mistake.

This Wall Street Journal blog post notes that a big investor in Solyndra is Oklahoma billionaire George Kaiser, or at least the venture capital arm of his banking and oil empire.

And this article notes that Kaiser was a “bundler” for Obama, which means he gathered lots of campaign contributions for the president during the 2008 campaign.


Fine opening night for former Center Theater

Not sure how the Haider Salim show went on Saturday night at the former Center Theater, but as long as the show went on, the new theater operators will have to pay the piper.

The theater’s permit doesn’t allow for concerts. Fremont’s fine-master says he’s going to confirm that the show took place, and when he gets confirmation, he going to fine the theater folks $100.

The theater operators are trying to amend their permit to allow future concerts.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the Fremont cops:
A male and a women walking near the intersection of Alvarado Boulevard and Lowry Road were roughed up and robbed by three people. Two of the robbers attacked the female victim, stealing her purse, while the other attacked the male victim. Both victims recognized one of the attackers as a juvie, who had attended American High School. Cops are getting an arrest warrant for him.

From the Newark Cops:
A party got out of hand Saturday at the Hilton Hotel, and police had to come in to break up a big fight in the hotel loby and arrest several people with the last name of Singh. One chick had cocaine, and a dude was arrested for being drunk in public.
Meanwhile, three cars were reported stolen out of the Courtyard Marriott.

From me:
Story about Barnes & Noble
Story about plastic grocery bags.


Council Notes

Live from SFO. I just gave those full body scan viewers the thrill of lifetime, but the City Council isn’t returning the favor.

Here are a few tidbits:

  1. Sue Chan is your new vice mayor.
  2. The council very much wants to ban plastic grocery bags and make supermarkets charge for paper bags. But it doesn’t want to pay $100,000 for the necessary environmental study and face a possible law suit. So it’s punting to the county to do the dirty work, which is scheduled to happen next year. Once that’s done, council members said they plan to pass the ban in Jan. 2012 or sooner. So gather your tote bags, the ban is coming.
  3. By a 4-1 vote, the council further reduced development fees in the MidTown district, which used to be downtown. The city hopes lower fees will jump-start two residential projects. Natarajan voted against it, noting that the reduced fees could cost the city about $4-$5 million.
  4. Bob Wieckwoski has just finished his last Fremont City Council meeting. I’ll miss him.

Happy Thanksgiving. Back next week.


RIP, Center Theater; long live Afghan Theater


That’s the inside of the theater in Centerville that used to be called the Center Theater or the Park Theater, but is now the Afghan Cultural Arts Theater, which will have live performances and serve as a television studio for a planned Afghan satellite television network.

That’s a bummer to Centerville folks who wanted the city to buy the theater and turn it into a community theater.

The city had the theater appraised, and offered the appraised price last year, but the theater owner rejected the offer. He had taken out loans against the theater, and the new Afghan television operator says he’s going take over the loans, which will make him the theater’s owner.

He thinks he can make it work, even though he’s paying above the appraised value, and the city didn’t expect to make money from a community theater. Hopefully, there’s a lot of money in Afghan satellite television

Read my story about it here.

One tidbit I didn’t mention in the story. The theater’s grand opening is a concert scheduled for Saturday. But the theater’s use permit doesn’t allow concerts. The new operator is now calling it a “grand opening” with music. But if the city thinks it’s a concert, it could shut it down.

Interesting to see what happens Saturday. I’ll be in Great Neck.


Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:
After the manager at Hooters kicked out a group of drunkards, he got a call warning him that there was a group of people waiting for him in the parking lot with a gun. Police arrived and detaineda group of five men at gunpoint. A search turned up firing range targets, but no gun. Cops sent one person to jail for being super drunk in public. 

From the wire:
Less BART noise for folks who live near the tracks.


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
A Fremont officer spots a motorist driving without headlights, and suspects he might be a drunken fool. But it turns out, he was a foolish crook. When the officer made the stop at Fremont Boulevard and Blacow Road, the motorist tried to flee the vehicle, which turned out to be stolen. But the cop caught him and made the arrest.

Several Fremont juvys were up to no good last night, police said. About 11 p.m. four of them in a maroon SUV approached a man walking in the area of Fremont and Grimmer boulevards, pointed a gun at him, and made him hand over his briefcase. About a half-hour later they relieved two folks of their wallets and cell phones outside of Denny’s on Mission Boulevard. But the cops located the SUV about 12:15 a.m. outside a fast food joint, and arrested the younglings, who had a fake handgun and loot from the Denny’s robbery.

From the wire:
Story on congressional redistricting and the possibility of major changes to Pete Stark’s district. Stark told us last month that this might be his last term in Congress.

Fremont landscaper on trial.