Pattersons gave more than $4k to Harrison four days before Council vote

Here are the last pre-election contribution tally, submitted on Friday, Oct. 29.

Bill Harrison
Total contributions: $78,908 of which $16,813 was raised since Oct. 17.
Total spent: $87,508 (Remember he came into the campaign with a lot of money saved up)
Money remaining: $18,626

On 10/22, Harrison received maximum $520 contributions from at least nine people with connections to the Patterson family. That adds up to $4,680.

Not saying that he would have voted any differently, but the council approved the Patterson Ranch project on 10/26.

Also giving to Harrison were three members of the Dutra family and the law firm of Gonsalves & Kozachenko, which represents several prominent Fremont developers as well as Washington Hospital.

Anu Natarajan
Total contributions $63,491, of which $15,612 was raised in the last week.
Total spent $79,147 (She also money left over from 2006)
Money remaining: $3,993

Vinnie Bacon
Total contributions: $24,265, of which $300 was raised since Oct. 17 ($5,000 of this is from Vinnie
Loans: $15,000 in addition to the $5,000 he gave himself
Total spent$39,915
Money Remaining: $5,651, but Vinnie’s still in the red from his loans
*Demerit for wasting $787.50 on ad in TCV.

Kathy McDonald
Total Contributions: $17,639, of which $75 was donated since Oct. 17.
Total spent: $21,740
Loans: $5,000
Money remaining: $1,697
*Demerit for wasting $787.50 for an ad in the TCV

Fremont Police Officers Association
The cops did not report their expenditure for the hit piece on Harrison. Their latest filing with the City Clerk showed them having $131,588 in the bank as of the end of June.

Fremont Firefighters Association
As of Oct. 16, the firefighters had $73,594 in the warchest and had spent $59,364. That money went all over the place. The gave $5,000 to the powerful Niles Rotary Club, $3,000 to the Washington Hospital Foundation, $1,000 to the Yes on Measure K campaign, $2,500 to both Citizens for Better Community as well as $5,000 to the Democratic Party.

Matt Artz


  1. Wow! As the saying goes, Follow The Money! Harrison has obviously been chosen by the Big Money. Does anyone have to even wonder why they’re so big on donating to Harrison?

    Incidentally, Matt didn’t mention it, but Anu Natarajan also takes money from developers. They just haven’t given her as much (yet). Anu is their back-up candidate. If Harrison loses (and heaven knows he should), the Big Money expects Anu to take his place. She’s largely followed Harrison’s lead so they’re not taking much of a gamble in throwing money her way, too.

    Time for some new faces on Fremont’s City Council!



  3. Harrison got over $4k from the Patterson and the Pattersons got Harrison’s vote of approval. The braying moron Harrison has to go. He along with the mayor and other current council members live in developers back pockets at the detriment to the Fremont community.

  4. Wow Eyesbright, are you suggesting we Fazlur Khan be the new face on the City Council?

  5. This is incredibly disturbing. Harrison is dirty, plain and simple. Do Fremont residents really want MORE homes built?

  6. Dan, I don’t support Harrison and was never voting for him. I admit this is dirty, but the 4K is not the reason the council voted in favor of the scaled development, nor is it the reason Measure K was defeated 2 to 1.

    I am proudly voting for Natarajan. My second vote is a throw away – perhaps I’ll write you in if I can remember how to spell your last name.

  7. Voting records over the past couple of years; the many political signs placed around our community; and even statements by some council members; all combine to confirm the observation that differences between council members is not material.

    The differences, where they do exist, have increased in frequency as we’ve gotten closer to Nov 2; involve, mostly, cosmetic minutae; and, most importantly, are never coupled with an attempt to pursuade fellow council members to assume a new line of reasoning – presumably because we all already know the outcome.

    “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. ” – George S. Patton

  8. I love Patton quote…I also like this one:

    “I weep for the liberty of my country when I see at this early day of its successful experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, and the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.”
    -Andrew Jackson

    Marty – that $4K didn’t hurt either…
    If you take money from a developer (or a family that stands to gain mightily from dvelopment), you should stand down from that vote. Period. Close your eyes to this stuff for too long and you have a country that is much different from what we all want.

  9. …the rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.

    Dan, then I can be assured you are not voting for Bob Wieckowski?

  10. Harrison is dirty politician, accepting money for his vote, it is time for a change!

  11. …I’m voting for Andrew Jackson

    What does that mean, Dan? Did you vote for Bob Wieckowski, despite his unabashed pursuance of public employee union contributions, in effect selling out the rights of the people for promises of office?

  12. Read it and weep…

    “You know what we did? We respected the game. The game of baseball is sacred, and if you honor it, a little window opens up. Tonight, the world opened up for us.”coach, Tim Flannery us.”
    -Giants’ third-base coach, Tim Flannery

    The worlds and window that could have been opened for Fremont in the form of taxes, jobs and tourism are gone thanks to the likes of Kathy and Vinnie who have no respect for the wonderful opportunity that Major League Baseball would have brought to our city. Anyone who votes for these nudniks (CalGuy) can get in line for the blue kool aid or in this case lemonade and gag it down mindlessly.


  13. Charlie are you off your meds, are you going to cry the rest of your life.
    The A’s are going to San Jose, Dirdon Station.
    Charlie, you can drive to the Great Mall and take light rail right to the new A’s Stadium front door.
    But damn quit whining

  14. It will be interesting to see what winning the World Series does for the Giants cred with MLB in their discussion about giving up San Jose as their territory. I think it improves their hand in negotiations for sure. Lew Wolff has to be grinding his teeth big time since last night.

  15. I don’t think SJ was ever in the bag as Caliguy assumes.

    I do agree with Charlie’s sentiment. A window had opened up for Fremont and we should have explored it with an open mind, as there was potential to make a ball bark into a rare benefit for the city. I think tonight’s election result will partly reflect the minority the FCN was in when they opposed it outright.

  16. What fools are we ?

    To have allowed, a diminutive minority to impede a concept of such benefit, which was so broadly supported.

    If true, we appear to possess very little in the way of management fortitude.

    If true, we do not possess an ability to communicate a vision, and through the sharing of that vision, encourage the majority to action.

    If true, we possess little in the way of leadership skills.

    Something is not right.

  17. You guys give the NIMBYs too much credit. If Wolff had figured out a way to finance it, the city was ready to hand him the keys. The opposition just gave him a gracious way out, so he didn’t have to appear weak for the next time he tried to plant his team.

    As for all the wailing about missed opportunity, I was on the fence and spent hours and hours searching the internet, including contacting authors of academic published papers (as opposed to opinion pieces)to get a straight answer about the financial advantages of the team. The benefits outweighed the disadvantages only in very specific scenarios including severely depressed neighborhoods, plenty of land and freeway access, access to parking (not just public transportation) and an economy that was not already struggling. In the end, I concluded the same thing Wolff did; this was not time to build a stadium in Fremont.

    The real damage is the credibility of the Council. They made a big mistake when they openly said “It would absolutely happen,” or let people on the planning commission talk about how great it would be and host parties to support it, or let the Mayor tap dance for the visiting A’s management. All of which is totally uhacceptable because the supposed impartial studies hadn’t been completed, the same one they used to stall and claim the opposition was overreacting “when nothing was decided.”

    I know Marty is already working hard at his clever little comeback that will put me in my place, as are several who don’t have discussions anymore, just put down pissing contests. No need to waste your time, you five guys can go on dominating the board and making sure everyone else stops reading it, just like I am going to do.

    Bye now!

  18. …..Did you vote for Bob Wieckowski?

    Wow, for someone who won’t even say who he is, you sure are an inquisitive lil’ pup. Somehow you are on Wieckowski and off of Harrison who just cast a vote approving one of the largest developments in Fremont days before receiving a substantial % of his contributions from those that will most benefit from that development.

    It is more than dirty – it is wrong and it needs to stop.
    If Fremont has a clue – they can start to make that happen today……

  19. @Dan, It appears that you’ll take issue with corruption when that candidate runs contrary to your agenda, and then look the other way when you find yourself in lockstep. Fair enough, but spare us the lofty quotes on political integrity. You don’t have any more or less.

    @FL, no especially clever response from me. I will say that the NIMBYs took great pride in their achievment, believing at one point they has enough pull to recall the city government. McDonald’s involvement in this election is further proof of the delusions of influence that group had, but I’ll expand on that on my blog when the results are in.

    I’d also argue that the NUMMI site was a “depressed neighborhood, with plenty of land and freeway access, access to parking”.

  20. ….nah Dom, if you check the original title of Matt’s piece, I believe that it was on Harrison.

    I could be wrong.

  21. Did I miss the Fox Sports aerial shots of downtown Arlington, TX during the World Series? I know they did a fantastic job of showing S.F. from the air, Coit Tower bathed in orange light, and the shots of AT&T Park with McCovey Cove were awesome.

    I couldn’t help but think what if Fremont did have a stadium and what if the team it housed did make it to the World Series? Why do I get the distinct feeling the aerial shots would still be of Coit Tower and S.F.?

    Personally I think Lew Wolff was playing chess and COF was playing checkers. Can’t fault them for trying, but a totally different game.

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