Fremont Barnes & Noble to close

barnesI got this tip from here.

And I confirmed it this morning. The woman at Barnes & Noble said the store at Mowry Avenue and Fremont Boulevard was closing over a dispute with its landlord. Business was pretty good, she said, so the chain might open a new Fremont store in a few years — maybe one that isn’t across the street from Borders.

The store closes at the end of the year. In 2011 the nearest Barnes & Noble will be in Stevens Creek. I didn’t even realize that was a real city. I thought it was just an auto mall.

Matt Artz


  1. Wow. This is very surprising. They say business is good, but come on, we know Borders is right there across the street. If business was so good it wouldn’t take “a few years” to open up a store gain, they would go to Pacific Commons asap.

    I think Borders should take over this spot once Barnes closes. Border’s current location is somewhat hidden, while the Barnes location seems like a better spot with a starbucks there, jamba juice, and boston market. Besides Target, Borders is currently in no-mans-land.

  2. I heard they were closing because the landlord is going to triple the rent. I also heard that Whole Foods is going to go into that spot. With their high prices I think they can afford the high rent!

  3. Whole Foods!!! Otherwise known as WholePaycheck! But it would be a great addition to Fremont’s bland retail/grocery scene!

  4. If a Whole Foods does take over the B&N space let’s hope they reconfigure the traffic flow in the parking lot. One of the worst in Fremont.

  5. Whole Foods in Fremont…that would be GREAT! Is this more than a rumor??? Speaking of rumors is Starbucks coming to Niles??? That would also be GREAT!

  6. This is so sad. Barnes and Noble has a decent fiction selection where Borders has an inadequate one. I guess I’ll be forced to buy my literature online.

  7. What about Pacific Commons as a new site for B&N? The empty spaces left by Circuit City and Office Depot provide the sort of room such a big store would need.

  8. Also heard Whole Foods is negotiating to take over this location!!!

  9. Starbucks in Niles??? You have GOT to be kidding!!! That is so NOT Niles!!!

  10. Whole Foods will never come to Fremont – our
    “demographics” do not meet their market. Now we might have a shot at a Berkeley Bowl – some kind of upscale grocery that can embrace our marvelous diversity – that will never happen with Whole Foods.

  11. With the present Mayor and City Council, there is no major chain or Whole Foods that is interested in Fremont.
    Developers are welcome thou, wanna buy a 14 acre lot in Centerville for a buck!
    There is $15 million dollars of (Your) taxpayers money in the 14 acres.

  12. That’s really too bad. They have a nice storytime for kids. I hate to think what will go in there.

    Most likely some crummy retailers that will turn over every year or two and turn that center into a dump just like so many others across town.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind a Starbucks in Niles. They don’t make a great cup of coffee, but at least you could FIND a reasonable cup of coffee after 5pm in the near vicinity without having to resort to 7-11.

    What about the “demographics” of Fremont don’t meet the Whole Foods market? Not a high enough income bracket? Or because it’s not an ethnic grocery?

  13. I second that Niles Starbucks, Jen. I’m a casual visitor to coffee spots, but anything that resembles a business people want to visit in Niles is ok by me.

    This isn’t to discredit the Essanay Cafe, The Nile, Cici’s and Broncho B’s, etc but the Nilesean mode of commerce (read antique and doily Mecca) has played itself out and is becoming very boring to us 30-somethings.

    Now, can an influx of commercial-coffee-house-colonists coexist with old ladies who wear funny hats?

  14. Demographics plays a major role in any major store deciding to make a financial commitment to a city. Marina Foods is a good example in the new Fremont Times Square. If Whole Foods is willing to add their name in Chinese characters on the front of the store they will do fine.

  15. The current portion of Pacific Commons is pretty much full with what’s there and what’s planned. Nordstrom Rack is going into the former Circuit City. Toys R Us/Babies R Us is expected to go into the former Linens N Things location (and possibly spill over into the Office Depot space).

    In the new portion of PC that will be built next year, I think there’s a good chance that B&N will go into a 28,000 square-foot, two-story space at the entrance to the theatre promenade, directly on PC Blvd. B&N seems to like spaces near major movie venues. For a look at this planned development, go to http://www.fremont.gov/DocumentView.aspx?DID=4429.

    As for Whole Foods, the company has confirmed that they have been wanting to come into Fremont for years, but I don’t know if the soon to be former B&N space is large enough for them… perhaps if they combine it with adjacent space it might work. The newer WFs are generally about 50,000 square feet, while the average B&N is between 26,000 and 30,000.

  16. Robert, I believe they tried to do a deal in Centerville and it didn’t work out. I’m surprised that WF didn’t try to go into the old Lucky’s in Warm Springs before Ross swooped in and took over the space. One possibility that I thought about is the old Cinedome theatre, which probably would require a tear-down and rebuild. WF going in there could really breathe some life into that tired old center.

  17. WF is only interested in corner of mowry/fremont or Mowry/Paseo… should be interesting to watch what happens next.

  18. Here what Blake Hunt Ventures and CenterStreeet Development said on their website:

    It is unlikely the project or the Centerville district will attract “high-end” or “lifestyle” tenants like are found at Santana Row in San Jose or Bay Street in Emeryville or in higher-profile main street areas like Walnut Creek , Palo Alto or Burlingame .  Centerville does not have the central location within the market, the same retail support and critical mass as these other areas or the history of retail success.  High end and lifestyle retail tenants like to locate near other successful retail tenants doing strong sales volumes.  Retailers do not like to “pioneer” areas, even if provided with strong financial incentives. If these types of tenants are to locate in Fremont , they are most likely to locate around the Fremont Blvd/Mowry intersection or in the proposed City Center project.  The same applies to specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods.


  19. #11…if Starbucks in Niles is so NOT Niles what is? Is Niles to be forever funky charming, musty and dusty? A Starbucks in Niles wouldn’t hurt.

  20. No Starbucks in Niles. No chains in Niles. Once chain stores are in Niles it will lose the character it has.

  21. FremontGuy’s post #12 speaks volumes about the market potential, not only of Centerville, but Fremont in general. There is definitely a perception, right or wrong, among “high end and lifestyle retail tenants” about Fremont that keeps them at arms length. They leapfrog over Fremont and wind up in the Tri-Valley area.

  22. #24…You say No Starbucks because Niles will lose the character it has? Please explain and or define this sacred character that you hold SO dear and why is SO Niles. Niles really needs to ditch some of its unkempt character for the sake of progress and its own good. I say time to move into the 21st century…can’t you just smell the coffee?

  23. First off it would be great to have the B&N at the new pacific commons area, think about it after you go see a movie you can walk across the street and read a book have a cup of coffee, similar to the design like they have at Walnut creek.

    2. NILES SUCKS at it current conditions, pretty much EVERY store is an antique store, it needs some variety, a starbucks would be perfect start.

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