Plastic Bag Ban

UPDATE: LA passed the plastic bag ban. Read about it here.

Fremont’s City Council will discuss banning plastic shopping bags later this month. Tomorrow, LA County is poised to ban the bags in unincorporated areas, which would affect about a million residents.

Meanwhile the plastic bag industry is arguing that any shopping bag bill that involves charging customers a fee for bags will now require a 2/3rds vote because of the recently approved Prop. 26. Read about it here.

Matt Artz


  1. Fine, then ban the bags completely. It’ll save on government legal expenses. It’s the law of unintended consequences.

  2. ya know… yes there are unintended consequences for a lot of things… they don’t HAVE to charge consumers a fee for the bags… they can just BAN the damn things…

    consumers would be a lot better off choosing paper… assuming Safeway ever gets the message to put handles on their bags… or just bringing the re-usable bags everyone offers… and instead of getting charge a ‘fee’ ya get a 10 cent credit for each bag you bring in…

    the ‘consumer’s’ that voted for this just need to be smart and not let the businesses intimidate them..

  3. As I suspected, halfway through the article was the statement, “…mostly made in China.” Surprise! Our imports from China are becoming unintended consequences wouldn’t you agree?

  4. Funny how “unintended consequences” come in all shapes and sizes. Some not so fortunate; others of great benefit.

    Whether you choose to view this serendipity as a negative, as a positive, or, just what it is, is the stuff that defines our personal outlook.

    Some other “unintended consequences” –


  5. When is the Fremont council going to do some real work rather than wasting taxpayer resources on BS?

  6. I liked that link, Mr. Box. Don’t forget Viagra as an unintended victory for science. Why are there so few today who are smart enough to know when they have stumbled into the discovery of a malaria drug?

    In place we have a movement of progressive doltery where an established material is thoughtlessly replaced with cheap heavy metal laden crap from China intended to come into intimate contact with our food supply.

    A modern day MTBE for the progressives. They should pat themselves on the back more than they do when on idle.

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