The English Argus

argusenglandReporters at The Argus in England are preparing to go on strike. Their complaints are pretty interesting. Read all about it here.

Here’s a snippet:

In a few weeks time Brighton & Hove will no longer have a daily paper. In reality the paper we already have has declined so much that most people will not notice that they will be buying a Southampton paper with a couple of Brighton and Hove inserts.

Next Thursday and Friday November 18/19th journalists on the local Argus go on strike. Argus owners, Newsquest, who in turn are owned by the massive US Gannett Foundation, have decided to relocate to Southampton. 7 journalists will be sacked in Brighton and just 2 will remain in a poky little office faxing over undigested press releases.

The new Argus will have a couple of pages at most devoted to Brighton & Hove. There will be a central paper with various local inserts, all produced in Southampton and all making a small fortune for the appropriately named Gannetts. Our local paper, warts and all, will have disappeared.

Matt Artz


  1. Hmmmm. That description of the paper sounds amazingly familiar. Are you sure that isn’t another Argus a bit closer to home?

  2. Hey Matt, do you still fax undigested press releases? Sounds downright disgusting.

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