Armed robbery in Niles

UPDATE: Wade Ah You stumbled upon the scene and took some photos of one of the truck that went down into Alameda Creek. To see them, click here.

Here’s one:

A strong-arm robbery occurred at Chris’ Jewelers on Niles Bl. The suspects were chased in a vehicle by a witness onto the dead end of Third St. The witness drove his vehicle into Alameda Creek and lost sight of the suspects. A perimeter was set and a K-9 search was conducted with negative results. Two “witnesses” that were at the store are possibly involved with an ATM robbery that occurred at the Bank of the West on Mowry on 11/12.

Matt Artz


  1. I’m REALLy irritated that this didn’t show up on NIXLE… especially since the front of my house seemed to be the staging area… why even have community alerts if PD can’t seem to use them… this isn’t s manpower/police issue… its a management issue… they have to be plenty of civilians who can monitor the police logs and send them to NIXLE… also if you have any IT people that can do IT.. they can gin up a program to read the logs and then automatically sent them to NIXLE… if you don’t want something broadcast have them put a flag on the log that excludes it…

  2. If memory serves me this is not an amphibious vehicle.

    Several years ago I attended the FPD Citizens Police Academy. During my ride along the officer I was riding with responded to a vehicle pursuit in Niles. The perp ditched his vehicle (and girlfriend) at the end of Third St. and took off running down the Alameda Creek Trail. The lead FPD officer happened to be a ultra-marathon runner. The chase didn’t last long.

  3. There seem to be a lot of robberies happening, both armed and not. Do the police see a connection? Descriptions? MO? Are some connected while others, not?

    Is it simply being reported here more often?

    I’m curious.

  4. Certainly has to be a first for a Chuck E. Cheese to be robbed during business hours with families still in the place. Anyplace, anytime seems to be new norm.

  5. What concerned me about this particular robbery was the close proximity to Niles School. This occurred at the same time our children were being released from their classrooms to the outdoors for lunch and recess. There was no NIXLE alert; there was no school lockdown; there wasn’t even a notice or mention of any kind to parents. 3rd Street dead ends in two places … Alameda Creek and Niles School.

  6. JC – they can’t afford to hire an IT person. They spend all their money paying pensions.

    I think that SF tried to propose using civilians to do follow up work, IT stuff, etc. in order to save money on salaries, OT and pension and the police union threw a fit.

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