Fremont Foodie: Whole Foods “actively interested” in Fremont

wholefoodsThis pisses me off. I called the same PR person Monday and didn’t get a call back. I even left a message saying I was from the Oakland Tribune to sound extra important.

Meanwhile the Fremont Foodie, who’s got a bit more free time than me, calls and gets this albeit vague response.

Matt Artz


  1. Martz you should have identified yourself as being from an organization with the word “food” in its name, like “The Food Alliance.”

  2. Whole Foods has been talking about coming to Fremont for over ten years. It was all set to go into the Irvington redevelopment project,(changed their mind before the project collapsed) then talked about the Old School area in Mission,(Too many Asian shoppers(!??) then Paseo and Mowry. So don’t hold your breath waiting for them to make up their mind on anything!! Over the years, they change their location standards, which to me are very strange anyway. Meanwhile, I buy my organic meat on Sundays after church in Palo Alto.

  3. While I would love to see WF come to Fremont . . I have to wonder if this isn’t the same response that the Mayor of Copperopolis got when he called.

    Aren’t they “actively interested” – – – – in ANY new markets – meaning, they’re constantly scouting, EVERYWHERE for a possible opportunity – – don’t they “hope to serve” – – ANY communmity ?

  4. Whole Foods saying they’re “actively interested” in Fremont is in the same category as “the check is in the mail.” Utter baloney. We’re the wrong demographic: older bedroom community, not trend followers, not so easily parted from our money.
    Frankly, as long as we have Trader Joe’s, we have no need for Whole Foods.

  5. Bah, I’m sure Whole Foods wants to come here. Fremont citizens have lots of money and lots of interest in WF’s products. It’s just a matter of time.

  6. in case anyone is really interested in having a Whole Foods store come in there is a link on Whole Foods website to let them know you’d like them to consider your city… may not mean anything but it can’t hurt…

    HOPEFULLY… if Whole Foods does decide to locate here its in a more central and accessible location than Pacific Commons…


    you can copy and paste the URL if it doesn’t show up as a link…

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