Council meeting odds and ends

I’m not going to have space to fit any of this stuff into a tight budget story I’m writing today.

  • Councilmember Anu Natarajan pushed for community budget workshops were folks could get a better sense of what the city is up against and try to prioritize services.
  • Councilmember Sue Chan said her China trip was planned way in advance and it was just coincidence she missed that vote on the Glenmoor day care center that pitted two of her closest political allies. I asked her how she would have voted. She said it didn’t matter since there were already three votes to approve the day care.
  • The city is still monitoring lawsuits filed against Lehman Brothers, but there’s no guarantee the city will get back the money it lost on its Lehman investment. Bill Harrison raised that question. Very rare for a council member to raise a question on an unpleasant item in the middle of a council meeting.
  • The city is going to hire a lobbyist to fight in Sacramento for aspects of the NUMMI redevelopment.

Matt Artz

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