Fremont doesn’t want to lead on plastic grocery bags

On Tuesday, the City Council is scheduled to once again consider regulating plastic grocery bags. The city report is out, and it recommends that Fremont hold its horses and save some money by waiting for the county-wide effort that’s supposed to start next year.

The Chamber of Commerce is very opposed to Fremont stepping out on its own with a city-wide ban. If the city did opt for its own ban, which would cost more moolah, but take less time than waiting for the county, the plan would be to ban plastic bags and charge people for paper bags.

Matt Artz


  1. Fremont City Council for the most part have no balls, No Vision, No Leadership.
    They are there to give our tax money to bloated pensions of city Employee,s. Have you ever wondered what Mayor Wassermans Pension is. He has been a government employee since graduating from College.
    They will pass on the plastic bag thing, just to much to ask, this council

  2. Seems to me that there are plenty of other things that can be banned over the plastic shopping bags. What about styrofoam? Also some of the tiny individual sized yogurt or applesauce or food containers. People need to learn to buy the bigger size and then put them in reusable containers. Also, those little juice drinks. OK for sometimes but at home people should buy a big container and use glasses or plastic cups. Those little individual containers take a lot longer to breakdown than the bags. Don’t even get me started on water bottles.

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