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fremontFrom the cops:

Police were called to Washington High School after a teacher overheard a student say she had her dad’s gun in her locker. Finding the locker proved difficult because students often take over vacant lockers, and the student wasn’t in a cooperative mood. Police dogs sniffed 1,100 lockers but didn’t go gaga for any of them.   No gun found.

A guy police label as a “professional crook” got the crap beaten out of him by two guys, one of whom had a baseball bat, outside a 7-Eleven. The crook and one of the other guys were fighting over a woman, and then the third man entered the fracas to back up his buddy, who was fighting the professional crook.  Both men were later arrested in Union City.

A 10-year-old girl was hit by a car on Darwin near Bridgewater. She sustained what appeared to be minor injuries and was taken to Children’s Hospital.

This happened on Wednesday. An officer saw two people who appeared to be trying to break into a truck around Deep Creek Road. He detained one and the other jumped a fence. Turned out they were only trying to tag the truck.

From the wire
Tesla wants to build electric RAV4 in Fremont
The Fremont Bulletin wrote about the City Council’s NUMMI redevelopment discussion

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