Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
A Fremont officer spots a motorist driving without headlights, and suspects he might be a drunken fool. But it turns out, he was a foolish crook. When the officer made the stop at Fremont Boulevard and Blacow Road, the motorist tried to flee the vehicle, which turned out to be stolen. But the cop caught him and made the arrest.

Several Fremont juvys were up to no good last night, police said. About 11 p.m. four of them in a maroon SUV approached a man walking in the area of Fremont and Grimmer boulevards, pointed a gun at him, and made him hand over his briefcase. About a half-hour later they relieved two folks of their wallets and cell phones outside of Denny’s on Mission Boulevard. But the cops located the SUV about 12:15 a.m. outside a fast food joint, and arrested the younglings, who had a fake handgun and loot from the Denny’s robbery.

From the wire:
Story on congressional redistricting and the possibility of major changes to Pete Stark’s district. Stark told us last month that this might be his last term in Congress.

Fremont landscaper on trial.

Matt Artz

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  1. Quote: “In a heavily Democratic region like the Bay Area, a moderate Democrat could garner enough votes during the primary to compete against the incumbent Democrat in the general election. This could provide a much greater challenge than facing a weak Republican.”

    Who would be likely to run against Lee, Logren or Stark?

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