Council Notes

Live from SFO. I just gave those full body scan viewers the thrill of lifetime, but the City Council isn’t returning the favor.

Here are a few tidbits:

  1. Sue Chan is your new vice mayor.
  2. The council very much wants to ban plastic grocery bags and make supermarkets charge for paper bags. But it doesn’t want to pay $100,000 for the necessary environmental study and face a possible law suit. So it’s punting to the county to do the dirty work, which is scheduled to happen next year. Once that’s done, council members said they plan to pass the ban in Jan. 2012 or sooner. So gather your tote bags, the ban is coming.
  3. By a 4-1 vote, the council further reduced development fees in the MidTown district, which used to be downtown. The city hopes lower fees will jump-start two residential projects. Natarajan voted against it, noting that the reduced fees could cost the city about $4-$5 million.
  4. Bob Wieckwoski has just finished his last Fremont City Council meeting. I’ll miss him.

Happy Thanksgiving. Back next week.

Matt Artz