Fine opening night for former Center Theater

Not sure how the Haider Salim show went on Saturday night at the former Center Theater, but as long as the show went on, the new theater operators will have to pay the piper.

The theater’s permit doesn’t allow for concerts. Fremont’s fine-master says he’s going to confirm that the show took place, and when he gets confirmation, he going to fine the theater folks $100.

The theater operators are trying to amend their permit to allow future concerts.

Matt Artz


  1. I’m guessing $100 is pretty insignificant in this guys’ scheme of things, but, more importantly, in these times of economic difficulty, and if we do confirm a violation, I fear that our cash-strapped city will likely have expended far more than the fine itself on investigation, billing, and collection – – – a bad decision from purely an economic perspective.

    So given the obvious economic fly in this ointment, I start to question how we intend to differentiate something called a “concert” from the other permitted “performances” that are allowed in a THEATRE . Far more importantly, what quality of life considerations are we attempting to safeguard in the surrounding community with the creation of this particular rule ?

    Don’t ALL theatres attract large numbers of people ?
    They certainly are capable of producing significant sound pressure levels and employ lots of sound support equipment to do so. Aren’t the max number of occupants legally allowed determined by the facility. . . . and, once a max occupancy is determined, it doesn’t vary with the specific event usage (?)

    How do (for example) variables of noise and pedestrian traffic vary with a “concert” as opposed to other “performances ” ? Do we prohibit the showing of pre-recorded “concerts” or musical performances ?

    And, if the range of those variables under conditions of acceptable uses are the same as those which result from unacceptable uses – – – I think they call this a difference without distinction. . . . and, is generally a bad idea.

    Bottom line – we’ve made a distinction in allowable uses which we’ll struggle to differentiate, and which likely have little variable impact on the surrounding community; we will consider the application of a penalty which is of little consequence to the operator; and we wont even cover our costs to do so……

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