Fremont group stirs yoga debate


Like most people, I associate yoga with firm, flexible women and really annoying men.

But apparently there’s a lot more to it, like spirituality and stuff like that. I guess when I stared at that one young lady while chanting Aum Shanti Aum many years ago, I wasn’t saying what I thought I was saying.

Turns out, I was uttering a Hindu mantra about peace and other thingamabobs.

There’s a lot of Hinduism in yoga, and The Hindu-American Foundation wants practitioners to recognize that fact before proceeding to make googly eyes at limber hotties in overpriced athletic pants.

The group, whose co-founder lives in Fremont, has started a campaign to promote yoga’s Hindu roots, which it thinks will give the religion better ink than, say, the caste system. But not everyone agrees with them, and the debate made the New York Times this weekend.

It was a good story with an even better photograph. Read it here.


Matt Artz