Parent attacked Fremont principal (a month ago)

From the better late than never department, a Fremont man has been hit with a restraining order after school officials said he grabbed and shook Centerville Junior High School Principal Sherry Strausbaugh. The incident happened on Nov. 1, and when the parent, who is quite a large man, was spotted on campus the next day, the school went on lockdown. All of this info is from court papers, I came across today.

According to a sworn statement from Strausbaugh, the man entered her office unannounced and started peppering her with random questions, such as “Do you know who I am? Do you know who my child is? Do you remember me? Do you know Steve Jobs?

Strausbaugh says she asked him to leave, but he just kept up the questions: “Where did I get my degree? What qualifies me to run a school? Did I have a graduate degree,” she wrote.

Strausbaugh had her people call the cops, but before they arrived, the man, “walked towards me, placed his hands on my shoulders (close to my neck) and began shaking me and said “Sherry.”

The principal says she pushed his hands of of her and told him, “get your hands off of me and sit down.” He sat down, then got up close to her again, and later returned to his seat, at one point asking the vice principal, “Do you think (the police) will Taser me or beat me with the club…”

The cops, who arrived 25 minutes after the parent had entered the principal’s office, didn’t Taser him, but they did have to “physically pull (him) from the chair and detain him against the wall” where they handcuffed him. He was arrested for trespassing and assault and battery.

Matt Artz