Apparently Ohlone bond money can go to pay employee salaries

From the Sept. 8 board meeting:
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TO: Board of Trustees
FROM: Gari Browning
DATE: September 8, 2010
SUBJECT: Augmentations to Student Services Center (SSC) and Bond Program Management Measure A Bond Budgets
The following augmentation proposals are being presented for approval by the Board of Trustees. These proposals are being requested for the following reasons:
1) Measure A Bond Project #2 – SSC: The project requires additional budget to accommodate added forecast closeout costs in the amount of $300,000. These funds will cover additional final permits, legal and consultant fees, and unanticipated add request exposures and close out expenses (not including legal activity results and any undiscovered issues).
2) Measure A Bond Project #4 – Bond Program Management: The project requires additional budget to accommodate FY 2010-2011 Ohlone staff costs. These funds will cover part time costs for the Director of Facilities, Director of Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services, Bond Accountant and Capital Project Coordinator.
Sources of funding for this augmentation will be Measure A Bond Project #1 – Ohlone College Newark Center Contingency in the amount of $475,000.
The President/Superintendant recommends that the Board of Trustees approve the augmentation of the budget for the Measure A Bond Project #2 – SSC in the amount of $300,000 and Measure A Bond Project #4 – Bond Program Management in the amount of $175,000. Budget shall be transferred from Measure A
Project #1 – Ohlone College Newark Center Contingency.

Matt Artz


  1. if they cut the Director of purchasing will they stop buying crap?

  2. Now, I wouldn’t put it past any public-funded agency to screw the taxpayer to enrich themselves -that’s why most of these administrators got into public service.

    But, these particular staff costs are related to the management of facilities projects, no? They are not intended to be used to increase the pay of the board? Please say it’s so before I locate my pitch fork…

  3. It’s time for a recall. Who is with me?

    I still have multiple slate mailers in which the Yes on G folks claimed “no money for salaries!” I understand your post is in reference to Measure A, but it is a dangerous precedent!

  4. This is a very bad bond. The Argus I believe did not recommend this because as per their analysis by the time this bond is paid up it would cost us 1.2 bil. A pretty high amount.

  5. Ohlone College what can you say good about it other than it sucks taxpayer resources up with little public benefit. Ohlone is just another fine example of Fremont’s White Elephants.

  6. Skumar: I think the students at Ohlone would differ with you about “little public benefit”. So would the employers that hire them and the colleges they transfer to. I think Ohlone is a huge asset to Fremont.

  7. Apparently, it is a slap in the face of all resident of Fremont, Newark and Union city who voted for this bond. It also clearly shows how far removed from reality the Ohlone College Board is. They should all be impeached and kicked off the board. They have brought shame and disgrace to Ohlone. This bond should not have been passed.

  8. pretty poor timing for this and the presidential raise…….. however from what I understand the idea is to hire additional help to oversee the projects, its a 300+ million dollars improvement bond, how successful would you be remodeling your house without some additional professional help, the staff size is much lower now than in the past,

    no money to salaries meant they can’t use the money for current employees(maybe unless its offset or overtime?) ohlone and its shining newark campus is a great benefit to our community, young and old, its a public institution sometimes they are run well , sometimes not so well

    matt shame on you (apparently) for the TMZ style headline on this buzz, its misleading at best

  9. @Fremonter- If you cut the Director of Purchasing, no they won’t stop buying stuff. They need supplies like lab equipment to run the biology labs and other instructional material.

    @Marty- I believe that the particular staff costs directly relate to the management of the bond and all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

    @Skumar- Ohlone is managing their resources pretty well in my opinion. There haven’t been any layoffs of full time staff since the beginning of the budget crisis. One can also state that of the not all of the $26.00 per unit each of us pay goes to the college. They help fund everything in California from Prisons and K-12 Education to Health and Human Services. Come to campus one day and see the diversity in the student body taking classes for many different reasons from transfer based to community education.

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