Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops

A robbery occurred at the Salvation Army on Grimmer Bl. The suspect, a WMA (White Male Adult) 20-30 years-old, punched the victim in the eye and tried to take his wallet but was unsuccessful. Units responded quickly, established a broad perimeter and conducted a thorough search but did not locate the suspect.

From the world of Fremont Politics

I took a quick look at the council candidate applications, which are now available at the city’s website.

David Bonaccorsi seems the natural successor to the verbose Wieckowski. Bonaccorsi needed nine pages to fill out a four-page application. Lawyers.

Two candidates harped on pension benefits in explaining how they’d tackle the city’s fiscal issues. They were Vinnie Bacon and Dominic Dutra.

If Fremont doesn’t become a green technology center it won’t be for lack of desire. Just about all of the candidates say they want it to happen, for what it’s worth.

Matt Artz