Decision time

The council is ranking the candidates.

Here is how they ranked them:

Dutra 1
Bonaccorsi 2
Bacon 3
Zlatnik 4
Salwan 5
Chugh 6

Salwan 1
Dutra 2
Chugh 3
Bonaccorsi 4
Bacon 5
Zlatnik 6

Dutra 1
Bonaccorsi 2
Salwan 3
Zlatnik 4
Chugh 5
Bacon 6

Dutra 1
Bacon 2
Salwan 3
Bonaccorsi 4
Chugh  5
Zlatnik 6

I asked Harrison about ranking Salwan #1. He said he liked Salwan’s business experience. He also said he hadn’t read the blog today, although I don’t know if that would have mattered.

You can make the argument that it’s a politically astute vote for Harrison. As a former Republican, he’ll have to try a little harder when he runs for mayor in 2012 to show the local Democrats that he’s a true Democrat. Salwan is well connected with the party, so now Harrison can say that he was the only council member to pick one of the true-blue politically active Dems for council.

Matt Artz


  1. Martz, personally I think you did a heck of job covering all aspects of this story. Thank you.

  2. Matt, Harrison’s comments are interesting in that he finds Raj Salwan’s business experience more valuable and appealing that Dominic’s business experience as well as his experience as a former Council member.

    Talking about experience or politics??? Since I have no political interests, I would dare to say to those wh have: “Have some balls man.” Or as a woman would say “Man up”

  3. I thought that 5 out of the 6 candidates made excellent presentations.
    I ruled out Raj Salwans because I used to be a customer, enough said.
    A thought crossed my mind as I was listening to the presentations. Why
    not replace the entire council with the 5 excellent candidates?
    Bill Harrison once was a Republican, “Come on Man ” He still is! I do
    not care how many times he changes his political affiliation.
    The residents of Fremont are becoming aware of Bills
    Hypocrisy .

  4. West what is wrong with being a Republican in the first place. Many Republicans voted for Obama and many still will. Besides, shouldn’t Bill be commended for converting?

    The problem I have with my fellow Democrat Bill and the supporter of my candidacy in 2002 is the he voted with Raj getting his first vote and Dom his second. And the reason he gives is that he was impressed by Raj’s business experience. No, no, no. Just look at his campaign contributions.

  5. Matt, I think you may have transposed the rankings from Anu and Sue. I distinctly remember Sue placing Yogi 6th. It’s over and not too important to anyone except Sue and Anu, and probably Yogi.

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