Dutra selected interim council member

dutraHe got three out four first place votes.  Harrison was the only one not to rank Dutra #1. He ranked Salwan first. Council voted Dutra in unanimously.

Matt Artz


  1. Tri-City Dweller #42

    There is no need to tell those folks that you disagree with to leave the city or county. By doing so, you provide evidence of how intolerant the people at the Democratic party have become, which is exactly what is being said.

    Besides, there is no need to drag the CBC, which is a group working towards bringing the immigrant groups out into the mainstream. We are familiar with those who had some misgivings in the past. But since then they have become part of groups active within the immigrant community such as CBC. The Democratic party is expected to take the leadership and work with such groups instead of attacking them. But from your posts it seems that you harbor some sort of hate towards such efforts. You have mentioned some names. But you probably do not know about someone who lost the election but managed to get a significantly large number of votes without even shedding a single dollar or effort towards the campaign. So it seems there is a lot for you to learn before you come up with the names you have.

    With regards to Chinmoy, we know him well from his days when we saw him on TV sitting alongside the School Board members at Board meetings and using his computer skills to assist the Board formulate the very successful School Bond. And those of us who have known him can cite many of his other credentials. But this is not the place to do so. As Larry Sweeney has said and we all agree, we are happy to see him getting more and more involved.

    Many will agree with you that Raj does have the experience. But he does not have as much experience as the rest of the candidates beginning with Mr. Dutra, Mrs. Zlatnik, Bonocorssi, Chugh etc.

    So take it easy TCD. Holiday cheer. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  2. Tri-City Dweller #42,
    Thank you for the information. It is my hope that this blog will reveal the truths and make political organizations more transparent.

    Social Networker #51,
    You make some good points. Once again more information.
    What position do you hold in the Local Democratic Party.

    This blog is living up to my high expectations. We are getting information, that would never appear, in the Argus

  3. #51 there are many interest groups that care about government and elections. In Fremont, they include democrats, chamber/business groups, environmentalists/Sierra club, CBC, Republicans, Labor, etc.
    I think it’s unfair for Chinmoy Roy to:
    1. Single out democrats – they like all other groups have certain ideals which they uphold and have every right to participate in the political process like anyone else.
    2. attack an up and coming candidate like Salwan who is liked by many, or all, of the interests groups above. Chinmoy pretends to be a friend and makes vicious assaults on Raj which are unfounded and baseless.
    Chinmoy, one day you will feel sorry for your words, when you realize what a gem of a person Raj is. I guess even Jesus had to be crucified before people realized his virtues.
    3.Tries to link UDC/TCDF who Did NOT make an endorsement, and did not officially back any one candidate.
    4. Attack Tahmasbi, an active democrat, who has not participated in this process.

  4. #50 – Bill Harrison has been a democrat longer than Anu became a citizen in 2003.
    Vinnie is liked by democrats, but he a)started attacking democrats along with everybody else b)was running against 2 incumbents who were not unpopular

  5. It’s interesting when mice act like lions behind a computer, but don’t have guts to stand up in a meeting and make their objections heard. This is the only way to get change.

  6. Robert #54,

    What I was trying to say in #50 is that it really does look like the local Democratic party supports the insiders, often at the expense of other better or equally qualified candidates. I didn’t quite realize the extent of this until Chinmoy made his postings above, particularly the listing of the officers of the local Demo party, and started comparing that list to the list of the local Democrat party’s endorsements.

    Regarding Vinnie Bacon, remember back to the 2008 election. In 2008 he was running for at least one open seat so the popular incumbent issue did not exist. Yet, the local Democratic party endorsed Tahmasbi (relatively weak education/experience but lots of ties to insiders) instead of Vinnie Bacon (relatively strong education/experience, but no ties to insiders).

    You can make any excuse you want for any of the many endorsements of the insiders, but the local Democratic party’s actions do appear to appear to speak louder than its words…..

  7. Steve, why dO you have higher expectations of democrats over all the other interest groups? Vinnie didn’t get chamber, labor, & other endorsements. Second, nobody in the democratic party had heard of Vinnie back then!

  8. Robert, it is not necessary to attack people and call them names (#55).
    It would be of benefit to listen to what folks have to say.
    Besides, we know who Chinmoy and Larry and Gus etc. are since
    they have revealed their identity. We don’t know who you are, thanks to
    the computer.

    I am just one of the many Democrats who live in Fremont and follow
    the politics. Anyway here is hoping that better candidates will be
    endorsed in the future. Holiday cheer, Merry Christmas and Happy
    2011 to you.

  9. Steve – #50

    Thank you for your insight, but I will (respectfully) say you are misinformed. To address your points:

    1. The Democratic Party did not endorse Vinnie for several reasons, including the fact that he was actually a “Green Party” member until he registered as a Dem to run for the Council. He also ran a very negative campaign, as you have heard. He chose to run (both) of his races by telling people why NOT to vote for the other candidates, instead of why TO vote for him. Also, you might of heard that he showed up at a local Tea Party meeting. While there, he said, “Yes, I’m a registered Democrat. But don’t hold that against me”. So you see, there is no real mystery to this one. Don’t get me wrong, I think Vinnie coming around, and I think if he changes his strategy and position that he stands a good chance in 2012. I’d be happy to support him, if I saw that.

    2. Those who know Bill Harrison know that he is a moderate, and on social issues, he is actually quite liberal. He was a registered Republican, you are right. But Garrett Yee is a very conservative Republican. To have any insight into what kind of Assemblymember he would have been – all you have to do is look at his campaign contribution reports online. You will find that the entities that usually fund Republican candidates – well, they all lined up behind Yee to support his campaign. That was not a mistake.

    3. Also, Steve, I did not “attack” the CBC. Please do not attempt to re-frame my argument. I have several friends that are active members. I simply brought up the CBC to prove the point that Chinmoy, and many others, are overlooking another political organization in the area, that has had a history of grooming and supporting political slates in the area.

    Chinmoy knows this well, because he took major objection to their practices in 2004 and was one of the leading voices criticizing the way they used their resources, recruited and endorsed candidates, etc – particularly because they are a 510(c)(3) non-profit.

    And by the way, Steve, I would hardly call Ivy Wu, Lily Mei, Garrett Yee, Sue Chan, Steve Cho, Henry Yin, Lisa Quan and Albert Wang “non-insiders”. They are the CBC leadership, and they are, in fact, the political insiders of the Chinese Community.

    My point is simply this: You cannot overlook their practices, and then point a harsh finger at the Democrats. Like I mentioned, and Robert correctly echoed, the Dems, the CBC, Labor, the Chamber of Commerce, and others – they are all doing the same thing.

    Social Networker #51 –

    I have not told anyone to leave town. I simply pointed out the political landscape of this County – we are a strong Democratic county. That is not likely to change.

    And again, I did not attack the CBC. Why is it when I bring up the actual practices of the CBC, I am accused of attacking them, but when you, Chinmoy, Steve, and others (inaccurately) attempt to discuss the Democratic Party you are simply “stating your concerns”?

    In fact, it is you all that are in attack-mode. What’s up with the double-standards, inconsistency, and hypocritical nature of this blog?

    Steve #56 –

    Please don’t give Chinmoy Roy too much credit. He is with one group today and with another group tomorrow, and seems to be disgruntled for some reason.

    And it’s interesting that you appreciated the post outlining the structure of the local party, but you DID NOT appreciate my post outlining the structure of the CBC. Which leads me to believe you are possibly a member of the CBC. That’s okay too – but at least don’t overlook the fact that there are many interest groups in the area that base their support on many different things, and they are all looking to get the candidate that can best represent their interests elected.

    I don’t see you trying to line up a investigative search into those that the Labor Council endorsed. Or what about the Chamber of Commerce? Why don’t you seem interested to get to the bottom of their endorsement practices? Or how about the Association of Realtors? They are an endorsing body as well. So is the National Organization of Women. And what about Fremont’s Police and Fire? They also endorse.

    Speaking of which – they all endorsed Tahmasbi in 2008, along with the Party, of course. I know it’s becoming popular to accuse the Party of only supporting “insiders” – but what about all the rest or those organizations? They all got it wrong in 2008, Steve? That’s pretty darn unlikely – seeing as how many of those groups are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. So, it’s a bit foolish and misleading to suggest that they all bowed to the power of the Party.

    And Raj Salwan – his scope goes well beyond the Party. He is involved in Kidango, Ohlone College, Tri-City Homeless Coalition, SAVE, and more. On top of being a small business man, he’s a Human Rights commissioner, and a strong family man. Why should his involvement in the Party overshadow all the other wonderful things that Salwan has done for the community?

    It’s pretty ridiculous to try to sell him short.

    He would have been an outstanding Council Member. Hopefully we will see a run from him in 2012.

    And by the way – Mr. Sweeney:

    Thank you for visiting the blog and sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately, as I’ve watched many of the School Board meetings, I have seen you line up on the wrong side of some very important issues, including Sex Education (which FUSD is currently out of compliance with their Sex Ed requirements). Today, almost everyone is a fiscal conservative. But unfortunately, you come off as a social conservative as well.

    On a personal note, I do want to thank you for serving on the School Board. This is not an easy time to be a public servant, and you have stepped up and we are all grateful.

    Merry Christmas. (You too, Social Networker). 🙂

  10. Social Networker, my apologies to you and anyone else if it came across as if I was calling anyone names. It was an analogy to convey that folks should attend the various meetings of these interest groups and raise their concerns there so that any changes or progress can be made. Had Chinmoy said these things at a TCDF meeting (of which Chinmoy is a member), it would be helpful to everyone.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to another year of politics, and may our community be better served by our elected officials rather than politics as usual.

  11. This thread has probably been the most enlightening on ever for the TCB. Merry Christ, I thought the national Republican party was fragmented to the point of hopeless inefficiency. No wonder our local and state governments have no hope whatsoever.

  12. Friends,
    I like the post # 34 of Chinmoy Roy, the warrior
    ” It is time to clean the house ” of infected TCD/UDC of the Democratic Party and send the Tri City Dweller
    (Tri sha, the mother of Machivelli ) back to rehab for further Psyco and Shock Therapy. Ignore her insane very long posts.

    I wish you all Happy Holidays and New Year. I also pray that all have secure source of income to suuport their loving family.

  13. Robert #60. You have set the right tone with
    your apology and have truly launched the
    Holiday Cheer. Here is to a New Year for
    the Democratic party in Fremont from Democrats
    like us. The “open primaries” could bring a lot
    of grief if Yee decides to contest the primaries
    in 2012 and challenge Weickowski again because
    this time around the former “Republican” friends
    of Yee (as alleged that he is a former Republican
    by TCD) could vote for him and make him
    and not Weickowski as the Democratic candidate.

    People like you with the ability to right a wrong
    should pull all the folks together such as the

  14. Oops hit the send button by accident

    Get together with the Vinnie crowd, the CBC
    folks and others to make the party a place
    where all feel comfortable speaking their
    mind and not hound them out like the Dutras
    have been.

    Ah. I hear a jingle in the sky. Time to go
    and spot Santa with my 6 year old.

    HO HO HO

  15. #59 – Allow me to add a very late (been away for a bit) response. FUSD is currently in compliance with California’s Sex Education instructional guidelines. One of the challenges is that the state does not provide an ‘approved list’ of curricular choices for Sex Education (as it does for all other subjects such as math and English), so we rely on a community committee that takes their responsibilities very seriously to act as an advisory panel on matters related to Sex Education. The Board agrees that all material needs to be medically accurate, age-appropriate, available for public preview and parents have to make the decision whether or not their student will be included in the instruction, and that meaningful alternative instruction be provided for those that choose to opt out. This will always be a ‘work in progress’.

    I have always been a fiscal conservative, as has the Board, when we deal with the public’s trust and money. This seems to serve our community well. I don’t believe that everyone will be a fiscal conservative as our state and federal governments propose solutions to our fiscal crisis.

    Social conservative is a much more subjective label. I would be happy to meet and discuss any educational matter that you would be interested in discussing.

    Thank you for your kind comments. I believe it is a privilege and honor to serve on our school board.

  16. #59 and #65 Those having an opinion on what should be taught in our schools are politicians most of whom do not send their children to public schools unfortunately. The Fremont School Board and FUSD has done a excellent job in being sensitive to the opinions of the parents instead of the politicians. This opinion of mine being formed after serving on numerous committees of the school district. As always, the schools disseminate knowledge such as the sciences and the arts and it is the right of parents to imbibe the moral values of their children. It is not a state right except if we all agree that are a communist nation. I hope the politicians learn to respect that right of parents.

    In years past and present, the FUSD and school Boards have steered themselves very admirably on these issues. I had a chuckle when #59 said that FUSD is out of compliance on what is being taught at schools.

    Happy New Year to you and others on the Board as well as the Superintendent and other members of FUSD.

  17. Such a joke…Why not Vinnie??? Afraid that would balance out the system…wouldn’t that be a shame, to not have a one sided council that agrees on everything with one brain between them all combined…Bacon would have helped this town immensely, just a huge set back for now.

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