Dutra selected interim council member

dutraHe got three out four first place votes.  Harrison was the only one not to rank Dutra #1. He ranked Salwan first. Council voted Dutra in unanimously.

Matt Artz


  1. Well, there you go folks. You don’t need to know much more about our current city council members: short sighted, provincial, and oh so smug and comfortable in their rarified air. They’re the City Council—–and you’re NOT!

  2. Shocked at how un-shocking that is.

    Now they really do own the town.

    Goodbye open space.

  3. Dominic by far is the best choice. Meanwhile, the Democratic party having supported Raj Salwan, saw Dominic Dutra ride into town at a time when the party thought that the Dutras were finished. He signalled to the party bigwigs that the Dutras are still a force to reckon with and they can still get what they want, when they want it.

    A lesson for the local bigwigs of the Democcratic party: stop meddling and quit thinking that you are the kingmakers. YOU ARE NOT.

  4. This was all far, far more exciting than the the recent election. Congrats to Dutra! Condolences to the rest.

  5. Chinmoy Roy, I wouldn’t exactly write off the local Democrats. If you recall, they got Assemblymember Wieckowski elected in an election that is probably more consequential than this appointment.

  6. Chinmoy you are a snake that slithers around, posing as a democrat, when in fact you are anything but. Your pathetic attempt to run for School Board many years ago may have been forgotten by most, but not by me.

    Raj, a fellow member of the Indian American community, was far more qualified to make a bid for Council than you ever were to run for School Board – or any other office, for that matter. You should consider yourself lucky that most people have forgotten that race.

    It’s not hard to see why Dominic was chosen – he served as Sue Chan’s Campaign Chair and he, along with his father, helped to bankroll Sue Chan and Bob Wasserman’s assorted campaigns.

    Money talks.

    As for Anu – she saw Raj as a competitor. She was threatened – – by a guy who has an outstanding reputation in this community. What a shame.

    Chinmoy – you are clearly the one with the inflated sense of self. You have shown your true colors. I don’t want to hear about you slithering around any Democratic circles again.

    Now that you and Anu have chosen to stand with the Dutra’s – there is one thing you should know: they are loyal to no one but themselves.

    Good luck.

  7. TCD, if you are a Democrat then don’t hide. Come out in the open. It seems you are one of those non sense Democrats. The types who belong to the “professional left”, the Julian Assange types, ready to sell out this country because of some vague political ideology. I am not surprised with the existence of folks like you. After all why should I. The republicans have their own folks like you. The extremists, the ” professional right” named the Tea Party.

    And in 2002, the local Democrats were not non sensical as the current Democrat “bigwigs” have been. Or else I wouldn’t have received the endorsement from John Dutra, Bob Wasserman and Guy Emanuele. The very fact that folks like you call that “pathetic” says it all about the stat a of the Fremont democratic “bigwigs”

    The UDC process of endorsement is a bloody sham insider job. Or else how do you explain the UDC’s failure to endorse Larry Sweeney ( remember he was my opponent in 2002) and Garrett Yee when these folks have been re elected over and over again. Is that called being out of tune with the people or what?

    And they the “bigwigs” did it again. This time supporting a candidate and demonstrating that they chase money. Chasing money is not the type of politics that Fremont needs.

    It is a new sun that rises in Fremont today with the return of our favorite son, Dom. Off course his was the best interview I thought followed closely behind by the humble Chugh and rather contrite, pragmatic and light hearted Vinnie.

  8. Gautam, #6, the bigwigs of the Democratic party organization in Fremont are street fighters. If you see the types of candidates they have supported in the past 6 years, you will see a pattern in that the supported candidates have been their cronies. Or else how do you explain the party supporting Trisha for appointment to the Ohlone Board and then supporting her candidacy for the City Council. She has no background even today to hold those positions. Her only qualification: Alberto Torrico’s and now Weickowski’s Secretary. No record of service to the community, no scholastic or academic record to speak of. They could have supported Vinnie instead of her. But did they?

    For the recent City Council appointment, Dominic would have been the horse to back. But they let the personal feuding of the Torrico/Weickowski camp and the Dutra camp influences their decision. Instead they did it again. They supported someone like Trisha with no record of community service worth mentioning.
    The “party bosses in Fremont” are doing their best to split the immigrant community. The immigrant community is trying to come together so as to get involved with the mainstream. But these bosses do not want to see that happen.

    However, I am proud to see how Anu voted. I interpret her vote as sending a signal to the Indo American community to settle their differences and present a united front. That is an excellent move and I would hope the bosses would take the cue from her. After all, who would know better about the Indian community, than she. She can suck up to the Indian community for money. But did she? OTOH, I did speak with the bosses on why they were supporting an inexperienced Indo American candidate over experienced folks like Dominic or Zlatnik or Chugh or Vinnie. And their answer was that “….the father donated a lot of money to the party.” Say what Democratic party!!!

    Want to hear more? That needs to be a private conversation. But suffice to say, we need to clean house here in the Democratic party organization in Fremont. We immigrants want to come out and the local Democrats should get out of the way and let the County Democrats continue to help us to do so.

  9. Sounds like a political party strong hold to me, doesn’t sound like true democracy or the idea that Jefferson, Adams, Hancock, Franklin and other founding fathers intended! What it really sounds like is a mess, what concept to teach immigrants. This is the very reason we as a country are loosing respect every day to the rest of the world… The men and women of the armed services are fighting and some have died to protect a core of boxed in buddy to buddy politicians, a discrace!!!! We as citizens of Fremont knew this was going on and should have demanded more, hold the council to a standard of excellence not the mold of the usually! And for some to applaud, shame on you….

  10. City Council has just appointed a full time professional Developer to replace the most progressive Wiecowski. God help us!

  11. I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the council’s choice. I had hope that they would at least * care * a little about the outcome of the November election, but clearly they ignored the will of Fremont’s people. But what’s new right? I was born in Fremont, grew up here, went away to Berkeley (where I learned all these great idealistic beliefs and developed hope in our political system), and returned to my hometown only to again be disappointed. It seems like there really is a stronghold of Fremont officials who are “insiders” and will only select/elect/help other insiders. Discouraging 🙁

  12. Councilman Dutra … time to pick up the phone and call Lew Wolff. It’s not too late to get Cisco Park built in Fremont were it belongs! If you build it guaranteed revenue, jobs, and tourist will come!

  13. Robert, Dom represents the will of thebpeople also just because he was elected by then people of Fremont. He resigned and was not recalled voted out.

    Besides, I did not expect Dom to get 3 out of 4 first placed votes. Much less from Anu because she refused to take any campaign contributions from Dominic during her re-election. And the city has always respected Wasserman and his ranking is true to his reputation. That leaves Bill. I still am confused about his ranking. That may explain why he is subjected to hit pieces. And Sue should be taken for her word which was also echoed by Anu which is “…not voting against somebody but for somebody”

    And to others, my earlier post clearly indicates that I am against the leadership of the Democratic party for always supporting the wrong candidates instead of supporting the right ones who get in such as Sweeney, Yee and now Dominic. It is the leadership that needs to be cleaned out by the grassroots of the Democrats from Fremont.

    With the dawn of the Weickowski era, it is my hope that he will bring all the Democrats together and re imbibe the Democratic spirit of community service and the advancement of the core Democratic spirit instead of jockeying and posturing for power and building their own empire. Hats off to Obama for telling the extremists in the Democratic party off when he crossed the aisle to reach the agreement on tax cuts. We need more of that and the current leadership, with folks like TCD supporting them cannot do so.


  14. The question is why do we have elections in Fremont anymore? Just let the council select who they want, save the tax payers some money….

  15. I have to agree with Chinmoy Roy. The Democratic party is a Good Ol Boys Club, that is you have a handful of Republicans that have infiltrated the Democratic Party.
    John Dutra, Bill Harrison. Can you guess who the others are.
    That is why I and many others refuse to to declare a party affillation.

    Ultimatley the Voters of Fremont, who are to blame. They voted them into office.

  16. Charley C.
    Time to pick up the phone and call the doctor. It’s not too late to get help for your mental health.

  17. Are we surprised TriCity Party Democrats like Bill Harrisson tried to appoint Raj Salwan to Fremont City Council?
    The TriCity Party Democrats trying to manipulate an election / local office?  Won’t be a first or last.

    Let’s call a spade a spade and follow one chain of events.

    Fact: TriCity Party Democrats got Trisha Tahmasbi appointed to the Ohlone Board.  Trisha Tahmasbi was an employee of Alberto Torrico and had not previously held local office or commission post.  Irregularity and controversy surrounded the process which led to Trisha’s appointment.

    Fact: Shortly after, TriCity Party Democrats then backed Trisha Tahmasbi for Fremont City Council.  Despite the TriCity Party Democrats giving large amounts of money, donations and volunteers to Trisha Tahmasbi, Tahmasbi lost by thousands of votes, and came in 4th place.

    Fact:  Garrett Yee ran against Bob Weicowski for Assembly.  Bob Weicowski is the law partner of Trisha Tahmasbi’s boss (Alberto Torrico).  The TriCity Party Democrats endorsed and gave large amounts of money, donations and volunteers to Bob Weicowski’s campaign.  After a very nasty and negative campaign, Bob Weicowski beat Garrett Yee by 6% of the vote.

    Fact:  Garrett Yee ran for re-election for Ohlone School Board.  His name was placed for an endorsement from the TriCity Party Democrats.  Trisha Tahmasbi (a close associate and now employee of Bob Weicowski) pulled his name from consent.  The TriCity Party Democrats chose not to endorse Garrett (who again ran against Bob Weicowski in a bitter, negative election), and endorsed Jan Giovannini-Hill.  Garrett Yee wins first place by a landslide.

    Now, who is the leadership of The TriCity Democratic Party?  According to their website it’s these folks….notice any familiar names?

    CHAIR: Yogi Chugh
    VICE-CHAIRS: Chuck Gebhardt and Moina Shaiq
    SECRETARY: Harris Mojadedi
    TREASURER: Raj Salwan

    Bob Wieckowski
    Jan Giovannini-Hill
    Trisha Tahmasbi
    Bill Harrison
    Rakesh Sharma
    Anu Natarajan  
    Toni Shellen
    Vicki Cosgrove
    Nancy Thomas        
    Bill McMillin
    Pat Danielson
    Richard Valle 
    Ana Apodaca
    Greg Bonacorrsi           
    Alex Hilke                           
    Deepa Sharma

  18. Wait, wait! You mean that John Dutra endorsed Meg Whitman for Governor and his son Dom gets appointed to a seat on the Fremont City Council?? Somebody please explain how something like this could happen …..

  19. Chinmoy #8 –

    “The UDC process of endorsement is a bloody sham insider job. Or else how do you explain the UDC’s failure to endorse Larry Sweeney ( remember he was my opponent in 2002) and Garrett Yee when these folks have been re elected over and over again. Is that called being out of tune with the people or what?”

    This just proves my point that you are a blind hypocrite.

    Larry Sweeney openly admits that he does not support the platform of the Democratic party. That’s why he was not (and has not been) supported by either the local or county party.

    And Garrett Yee was never “elected”. His name was never on a ballot before he ran for Assembly, because he walked into an open seat on the Ohlone Board with no opposition.

    Chinmoy, you are not so delusional to forget that Garrett was registered as a Republican for most of his life. And by no mistake. He is pro-life, pro-gun, anti-gay marriage, pro-corporation, pro-war, and he supported Prop 8 — all of which are staples of the republican platform. Nothing “wrong” with that if you are a republican. But the problem came when he tried to switch his party affiliation simply to run for office. He re-registered as a decline to state. And then he ONLY registered as a Democrat when he decided he was going to make a bid for the Assembly.

    His conservative ideals cannot be masked by a simple change in party affiliation. His main supporters, including John Dutra, were primarily conservative forces.

    You will learn something quite quickly, Chinmoy, that the Dutra’s are yesterday’s news. John Dutra came in 3rd place after spending nearly 2 MILLION dollars (much of it was his own money) to try to buy the Senate election. HE CAME IN DEAD LAST! He even LOST FREMONT, his own TERRITORY! And you want to know why? Because his voting record from his 6 years in the Assembly was EXPOSED – and guess what? Every time he had the chance, he sided with Big Business over small, he sided with the Insurance companies over consumers, and he sided with Corporations over working families.

    What else can I say, Chinmoy? History speaks for itself. No way you can manipulate that to suit one of your convenient theories.

  20. Wow ! What utter nonesense and a distraction from profound buffoonery masquerading as leadership.

    It isn’t affiliation that matters . .. GOP, Green, or undeclared – – taxpayers could care less

    It is ACTIONS and CHOICES made by elected officials that are the concerns of involved constituency.

    Party affiliation and status are the preoccupations of other politicos, wannabes, and media.

  21. Interesting thread today. I sat through the interviews last night and was really impressed. I thought they all did well and presented the council with difficult choices.

    In my opinion, council had to make two decisions last night. First they had to decide whether they wanted an experienced placeholder or whether they wanted to appoint someone with potential, but no real hands on council experience. Clearly, all four opted for the experience. Then their decision was between Judy and Dominic. The rest had real potential, but the other two have no learning curve.

    I served with both Dom and Judy and like and admire them both. Both would have helped the council and both had committed not to run in 2012. They chose Dominic for whatever their own personal reasons are.

    Dominic was one of the very best councilmembers I served with, probably 15 or 20 people. He vewry intelligent and was always ready, always prepared, always committed to the city first, and never an automatic vote on any issue. He cares about people and his record reflects that.

    He is not a “developer.” His firm, Dutra-Cerro-Graden, is a real estate firm organized to primarily help non-profits, churches, educational facilities, and similar groups work through the governmental processes or the other bureaucratic processes involved in the real estate business. Google them for their web site.

    Dom is a registered Democrat (although his father no longer is), but not an activist.

    All in all, I think council made the right choice in going for experience at this time.

    Chinmoy, you go on about Sweeney. I was at the endorsement meeting where the first question was “Do you support the core values of the Democratic Party?” The moderator then listed them. Sweeney responded, “Not all of them.” That was the point where he lost the endorsement. He could have said, “All but (whatever)” and then explained why not.

  22. For once Faxlur was right, a backdoor deal with a developer was made.

  23. TCD, I got you going by talking about the Dutra’s,, didn’t I? What a hateful heart you have. I repeat again, reveal your identity since I do not want to talk to cowards.

    Now tell me about Trisha, will you. What qualifications does she have to have received that thrust from the UDC like Raj has. Will the UDC ever learn? I lost to Larry and it is expected that I should be leading the charge against him, not you. But you know what, we who volunteer to run to serve the community are not hate filled. Ww are friends first and we oppose one another because we consider ourselves as being all in the family. There are disagreements in the family but there is no hate. And And you are telling me about Sweeney eh!!! I have been with him on numerous committees and I know him well. Take your goddamn politics elsewhere. I am grateful to Larry for having volunteered his time on the Board for the betterment of our schools of which my wife and children have been a part.

    You shamelessly come and attack Matt Artz, now you are attacking me and it is certain you are part of the UDC. So you need to be shunted out and we, the grassroots are coming. The Democratic party is “not your father’s party” as the phrase goes. It is our party, the grassroots.

  24. Gus, I liked that answer since it was sincere, honest and devoid of politics something that two the Democratic Presidents, Bill Clinton and now Obama has demonstrated. It had to take a bruising election for Obama to figure out that being at the center is what Americans want. It is synonymous with being Americans first.

    The Democrats in Fremont have become too left leaning and it is time to move back back to the old days when you were a City Council member and people cared more about the welfare of the city (City first) and party support and party affiliations next.

  25. #22 –
    “….he is not a developer”

    I recall that Dom’s father fought to take the word “Developer” off of the ballot and instead replaced it with “Small Businessman.” It is amazing how even developers run for the weeds from the word “development.”

    Here is Dom’s Bio from dcgDEV.com:

    “The Dutra family has long been associated with one of the most respected and successful real estate and development firms in Northern California. Their family is also very actively involved in public service.
    Dominic Dutra has enjoyed great success in the real estate sales and development business.

    He joined Dutra Realty Enterprises in 1989 and served as President from 1994 to 1999. During his tenure, the company experienced phenomenal growth as revenues increased from $5 million to $23+ million with a corresponding profit growth of over 13,000%.”

    What is concerning to me is Dominic’s business affiliation with Morningstar Church and the potential of placing a church development West of Ardenwood, next to the sensitive willow grove in front of the Coyote Hills Regional Park.

    I will be interesting to watch his and council’s approach to this important issue…

    we look forward to the debate ahead.

  26. Gus said, “Dominic…very intelligent and was always ready, always prepared, always committed to the city first, and never an automatic vote on any issue. He cares about people and his record reflects that.”

    I agree. But, I will be watching how he votes on key issues facing our city. I believe he will be an ally for Anu. She’s needed one.

  27. #17
    West … it appears like YOU are losing what little mind YOU’VE got to lose. Time to face it dude, your cerebellum just isn’t working. Sorry about your boy (VB) not getting the appointment!

  28. Congratulations to Dominic Dutra for volunteering to help out the community and volunteering not to stand for re-election. I also congratulate the other candidates, who all interviewed well, and strongly encourage them to win a seat in 2012. It should be a very hotly contested election with many fine candidates.

  29. Spade #18 you gave a good chronology here. You missed out the latest one in that for the recent City Council appointment, the big honchos If the TCD/UDC supported Raj Salwan who has the least experience amongst those who applied. The reason I got from them for their support is “……his father donated a lot of money to the party in the past.”!!!!!

    I will grant them that in 2010 they had two incumbents for the City Council and hence had to endorse them. After all their endorsement should very closely reflect the will of the people. But in 2008, the field was open and they could have endorsed two candidates instead of just one as they did. They could have supported Vinnie then and sue Chan instead of a political upstart in Trisha.

    It is time to clean house. Let us come together and attend the TCD/UDC meetings to clean house. I hope the Vinnie supporters will also join in this effort. I do not want to give them hell. Just want to speak the truth and let them think we are giving them he’ll.

  30. Chinmoy, what are you talking about? Besides the old council members Zlatnik and Dutra, Raj was the most qualified of all the candidates. In his application, he indicates he has served as a Human Relations Commissioner for over 6 years (longer than Bonaccorsi, Chugh). He also has the broadest experience: board member of Abode, Kidango, Chamber of Commerce, Ohlone Foundation, etc. He lives and works in Fremont (while others don’t) and Raj is very well liked. He has integrity, which is hard to find in many politicians. I know you have a personal vendetta against TCDF/UDC, and I think you should take it up with the right people, rather than spew this venom. However, UDC never endorsed anyone.
    We know you were rooting for your boy Chugh, but he placed dead last. Your main reason of frustration is that UDC didn’t go out of their way to support Yogi Chugh
    Who is considered very partisan and divisive.

  31. As for giving money, I think his family has given money and support to just about every active candidate from Gus Morrison, John Dutra, Dominic Dutra, Steve Cho, Anu Natarajan, Bob Wasserman, etc Thanks to them, we were able to get the message from these candidates. Getting people elected and supporting them is a good thing.

  32. If we were looking for a planner and the person with most votes, Vinnie should have gotten it. If we were looking for person with most city council experience, than Zlatnik should have gotten it. Politics is a funny business, and ultimately Anu and Bill picked their allies, while Wasserman and Chan were more practical about it.

  33. Robert, I am not sure if you read my earlier posts where I clearly expressed a preference for Dirk Lorenz and not Yogi Chugh. I have preference for only those who are qualified and I am very happy that Dominic is that person. I have nothing against the Dutras. Unfortunately, good people like Dirk decided not to take part in this non sense. However, I am glad that Dominic decided to come in and save this nonsense from going forward.

    The City Council elections are non-partisan and they need to be so. What has partisan groups like TCDF/UDC doing in endorsing City Council folks. Why is it that we should not consider Dirk. Is it because he is a Republican?

    You think Trisha should have been endorsed over Vinnie and Sue Chan in 2008? You think Trisha should have pulled Garret’s name. After all I may have some differences with Garett’s politics. But his service to this country is far more than some of us and would give me sufficient reason to not pull his name because of petty political reasons. He is a respected military officer who has served this country with with honor. And I didn’t expect the TDCF/UDC to have delegated a political upstart to pull his name and endorse all her activities.

    Can’t wait for the open primaries to begin.

  34. Robert, when you say that I am not happy because Chugh was not appointed, I would label it as a opinion from you that has not been fully thought through. I have constantly advocated that the TDCF/UDC honchos need to be thrown out. And Chugh is the Chair of TDCF. So I should be keeping quiet and not accusing the way I have since it is his organization for now. Isn’t it? BUt am I doing that?

    Time for me to sign off from this thread and move on to other threads. Bye bye.

  35. Truth be told, You were lobbying for Yogi Chugh early on. Once you realized Yogi Chugh didn’t have a shot at it at all and Raj did, you started throwing other names out. First, you were saying Dirk, then Bonaccorsi, maybe Chugh, then Dirk, and now Dutra. You are frustrated that your horse Chugh was not supported, and you are showing your bitterness towards the democrats. Unknown to you, democrats were happy with any democrat who embodied Wiecowski’s philosophy. The democrats backed a less-partisan candidate who was more appealing to liberals and conservatives.
    Chinmoy — You pretend to be an Indian American leader, but you very divisive.
    Your quote above, “sending a signal to the Indo American community to settle their differences and present a united front.” You should take your own advice. The kettle shouldn’t call the pot black.

  36. ” I have constantly advocated that the TDCF/UDC honchos need to be thrown out. And Chugh is the Chair of TDCF”

    Are you saying that Yogi Chugh should be thrown out because he is chair of TCDF?

  37. Spade #18 –

    Good work Detective! Looks like you solved the top secret case of how the Democratic Party really works!

    Actually, unlike some other local organizations in the Tri-City area, there are NO secret motives involved when it comes to your local Democratic Party. They have one main goal: to elect strong Democrats to local and statewide office – people that will fight for and uphold the principals that we care about: creating quality jobs, promoting equal access to education, protecting seniors and working families, protecting marriage equality and the right to chose, fighting for the environment, and so on.

    I don’t mean to be overly partisan on this blog, but since Spade and Chinmoy Roy seem to be targeting the Democratic Party alone, I believe a few clarifications should be made.

    I’m also not completely sure why either of you have brought up Tahmasbi or taken objection to Salwan or Wieckowski for that matter.

    Trisha Tahmasbi was appointed unanimously by the Ohlone College Board, which was made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Decline to State members. It was one of the most bi-partisan Boards in the entire Tri-City area at the time. With that in mind, it seems a bit unfair to suggest that Board was directly under the sphere of influence of the Dem Party. In fact, that’s completely inaccurate.

    And you are right – she was not elected in 2008. While Trisha did get support from the Dem Party, you shouldn’t forget that Suzanne Chan got support from the local Chinese organization – the CBC and from John Dutra, our local Millionaire developer. Chan’s campaign manager, Jack Rogers, was also a developer and the owner of Besaro Mobile Home Park in Fremont – he’s the same guy who is trying to kick out all of the Park’s low income senior residents, so he can redevelop the land.

    But what was interesting to note in that election – and a direct point against Chinmoy’s insinuations – is that Trisha obtained the endorsements of every endorsing organization that offered an interview process – from the Party, to Labor, to Fremont’s Police and Firefighters, to the Realtors and Housing advocates, and even the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the Fremont Chamber gave Tahmasbi their SOLE endorsement, even though they could have endorsed two candidates. That alone spoke volumes. So whatever your beef with Tahmasbi is, Chinmoy, it’s hard to make the case that every single endorsing entity in the area was bought off by the Party. Again, a complete inaccuracy peddled by Spade and Chinmoy.

    And why are you both so hard on Raj Salwan? Seems like Robert got it right in his posts #35, #40, and #41. Chinmoy, you seem to operate with double standards. Remind me again what YOUR credentials were when you ran for School Board several years ago? Because I can tell you without a doubt that Raj’s credentials meet or exceed where you were at when you made a run for office. So, take it easy.

    Raj Salwan was one of the most promising candidates from the pack. Although they all did a great job, Raj’s broad perspective was refreshing. He has served several years as a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Fremont. He serves on the Board of Abode, and works to tackle housing and homeless issues within the City. He has been an active supporter of Ohlone College and their Foundation. He has also been a supporter and volunteer with several other local organizations and non-profits. He is a small business owner, a well respected Doctor and Veterinarian, and he’s a father.

    It’s interesting that both Spade and Chinmoy are willing to blow past ALL of those fine points about Raj Salwan, in an effort to suggest that he was only taken seriously because he’s a local Democrat. How insulting!

    And both of you – Spade and Chinmoy – objected because the Democratic Party did not endorse Garrett Yee! That’s comical! Garrett was a registered (active) Republican for most of his life. And his biggest supporters for his Assembly race were very conservative entities. I am NOT making an argument here against Garrett as a candidate – I’m simply pointing out why he was not the candidate of choice for the Democratic Party. Case closed on that one.

    Chinmoy – it’s interesting to see the 180 degree turn you’ve made over the past many years. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that you were taking objection to the CBC Organization (Citizens for Better Community). Remember that, Chinmoy? The CBC, a local 510(c)(3) Non-Profit, claims that their mission is to initiate, sponsor and promote community events, which will affect the well being of Chinese Americans. Because of their Non-Profit status, political activity is restricted, and in fact, illegal.

    But a closer look showed that it was quite possible that the CBC could have been using their organization to groom and support local Chinese candidates to run for office. Not a bad thing, until you consider that they were raising money under their Non-Profit status while possibly engaging in some Political activity.

    Chinmoy, you were one of the leading voices criticizing the CBC in 2004, because they had chosen only to showcase and support the Chinese candidates that were running for local office, and not any of their other members (that were non-Chinese). Do you remember this, Chinmoy?

    Who are some of the past and present members of the CBC?

    – Steve Cho
    – Garrett Yee
    – Sue Chan
    – Lisa Quan
    – Lily Mei
    – Ivy Wu
    – Henry Yin
    – Albert Wang

    Any of those names sound familiar? Of course they do.

    I want to be very clear about this – I have no issue with an organization pulling together to support a certain candidate or group of candidates.

    I’m bringing up the issue of the CBC because it seems that Spade and Chinmoy have suffered a case of short term memory loss – or perhaps they subscribe to “Convenient Theories for Me Monthly” which advises them to adopt double standards and overlook one local political group, while they take objection to (and criticize) another.

    The fact is, the Democratic Party is looking to get Democrats elected, like Bob Wieckowski. The Republican Party wants to get Reps elected, like Dirk Lorenz. The CBC largely supports Chinese candidates for Office, like Sue Chan and Garrett Yee. The Sierra Club, Friends of Coyote Hills and the Fremont Citizens Network both worked to get Vinnie Bacon elected. The Fremont Chamber of Commerce has a PAC that endorses and supports business-friendly candidates.

    If you want to educate the 20 readers on this blog, and shine the light on the political process and the local players, you cannot just criticize the Local Democratic Party while you overlook the other organizations that are engaged in the same activity.

    I just wanted to close by thanking Robert for demonstrating the ability to think critically, as suggested by his common sense posts.

    And I’d like to thank the readers of this thread for their consideration and hopefully for their ability to consider all sides of the equation.

    To Matt Artz – please adopt a fair and consistent policy that dictates how you intend to conduct business around here. Otherwise, I did want to thank you for your up-to-date coverage on how the appointment process unfolded.

    And to Spade and Chinmoy – I will tell you this: You both live in Alameda County – one of the most progressive and Democratic counties in this State. If you don’t like that, there’s always Bakersfield or Modesto.

    Send us a post card!

  38. Chinmoy, I’m still awaiting a response to my question. What happens to
    “man up?”

  39. Not intended to hijack this thread,
    May I take a moment to interject my perspective into my responses when appearing before the Tri City Democrats on the occasion of their endorsement interview.
    Gus accurately relates the question from the moderator and my response of ‘Not all of them’.
    The role of a school board trustee should be non-partisan, and the opportunity to participate in an endorsement interview is an excellent opportunity to reach out to the community. I see no reason to deceive in order to receive an endorsement.
    I listened to the planks (very broad and ‘national’ in nature) and my answer reflects that I don’t agree with all of them. We were told this was to be a quick interview, so I believed that the best use of time would be to respond to the Fremont education-specific concerns that we are all facing.
    I was not asked if I was a fiscal conservative, or if I supported collective bargaining, or if I believed every child has a right to an education, or if I will continue to fight the repressive controls the state and federal governments places on local education, or if I support due process, or if I vigorously push for safer schools, more transparent processes and public information, and the right of the public to be fully informed of the Board’s activities and to be full partners in these processes. Or asked if I am willing to meet with anyone anytime to listen to their concerns and see if we can find a timely solution. Or if I am a trusted friend and advocate for students, parents, teachers and community members. Had I been asked those core questions, I would have been able to state, ‘yes, to all of those planks’.
    I am humbled by the endorsements I did receive and by the voters who returned me to serve another term.

  40. Fantastic Larry.

    The fact that we (or at least I) did not see any posters or political literature from you this time around, and that the voters overwhelmingly returned you, should speak volumes of your excellent record and the tremendous sacrifice that you and your family has made for our children of Fremont.

    It is very reassuring to see that your fellow Board members look to you as their mentor, which is similar to what you and your fellow Board members then did with Guy when he was on the Board.

  41. Chinmoy – Thank you for your kind words!

    Guy set a lofty example based on years of experience and involvement. I have a long way to go, but am grateful to ever be included in Guy’s company.

    I believe we have a very functional and involved school board that benefits from an open and working relationship with the community. The goal is to make the best decision for the children and politics is a rare influence.

    We ran a different campaign this time. These are tough economic times. We did not ask for any donations. As a matter of fact, we turned down all financial donations. We had a few signs. We concentrated on continuing to meet with people and really relying on our broad base for support. FUDTA phoned-banked for us and for Measure K. We turned to word of mouth and could not be more pleased with the results.

    Chinmoy, you have never shied away from expressing an informed opinion and have always spoken for inclusion and independent analysis. You continue to be active in our community and a supporter of engaging in dialog in the interest of finding solutions. I think we both share a suspicion about public boards and entities that always return unanimous votes. Thank you for staying so involved.

  42. Tri-City Dweller – #42,

    The endorsements actually made by the local Democratic party do tend to support Chinmoy’s accusations.

    You say the following: “Unlike some other local organizations in the Tri-City area, there are NO secret motives involved when it comes to your local Democratic Party. They have one main goal: to elect strong Democrats to local and statewide office – people that will fight for and uphold the principals that we care about: creating quality jobs, promoting equal access to education, protecting seniors and working families, protecting marriage equality and the right to chose, fighting for the environment, and so on.”

    Yet, you (local Democratic party) failed to endorse Vinnie Bacon who is a strong Democrat that stands for all of these principals.

    You claim that the local Democrats didn’t endorse Yee because he is a former Republican. Yet, you (local Democratic machine) did give an endorsement to Bill Harrison, which is also a former Republican.

    It seems the common consistent theme throughout your (local Democratic party) endorsements is that only the political insiders buried inside the local Democratic machine will receive support. This exactly supports what Chinmoy is saying.

    You also chose to attack the “CBC” in your posting. From the list of candidates that you listed which are associated with them, my guess is that you have a problem with the “CBC” because they DO support the non-insiders for office.

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