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From the wire:
An interesting and thorough story about Afghans in Fremont from Judith Miller (Yes, that Judith Miller) It’s good, but I’m sure you guys will spot the big error in the first sentence. Read it here.

I wrote this story Sabercat Creek hoping it would run while the city was on furlough and I was desperate for copy, but we had to run it yesterday.

More money for Fremont’s WaferGen

From the cops:
DUI Checkpoint from 7:00 p.m. to midnight Saturday on northbound Fremont Boulevard in front
of Centerville Jr. High School.

Cops will still be patrolling city streets during the two weeks City Hall is shut down, but there will be some service reductions. Here’s the rundown:
The Police Department will respond to all 9-1-1 emergency and animal service calls over the two week period. The Police Department’s front lobby will be OPEN to the public from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, December 20-22 and December 27-29. The lobby will be CLOSED December 23-24 and December 30-31.

In addition, the following Police Administrative Services will be modified and/or not available beginning December 20, 2010:

– Red-light violation viewings and services – not available
– Alarm Permit services – not available
– Community Engagement, Crime Prevention and Volunteer Services – not available
– Film and Special Event Permits – not available
– Parking violation services – not available
– Requests for police reports and clearance letters will be subject to availability of staff. Staff cannot guarantee processing of these items during the two week furlough.
– Livescan services will be OPEN December 20, 22, 27 and 29.
– Animal Shelter will be OPEN Tuesday and Wednesday of both weeks from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM.
– Pet Licensing will be OPEN December 21-22 and December 28-29, normal hours will resume January 4, 2011.

Matt Artz


  1. Ms. Miller’s definition of near could have been easily fact checked. I don’t consider 40 miles to be near, but that’s just me. She must also be into Bay Area real estate sales.

  2. The article is generally good, but the opening paragraph reflects that she probably has never been here. Most people say “largest city” and mean population, not area. And, of course, we are not “near” the Altamont pass, but it looks close on a map.

    I had a similar discussion with the NY Times SF reporter ten years ago. We argued about the size of the Afghan population. She said 20-30,000, I said less than 5000. The 2000 census lumped Afghans into the “Other Asian” category which totalled 4056. She wrote a second story and her editor made her revise her population number because, at that time, only 80,000 people had come to the US and he didn’t believe that almost half had come to Fremont.

    Miller’s analysis of the status of the first wave of immigrants, those fleeing the Russian war experience, were professional people in Afghanistan, whose skills do not easily transfer to the US. I know an owner of a restaurant who was an architect in the old country and I am told his wife was a lawyer. Others are in the same kind of limbo, they don’t fit really well here.

    I recall there are more Afghans in Alexandria, Virginia than there are in Fremont.

    My own observation of immigrant behavior, across the board, is that the immigrants themselves go where others like them are, where they can speak the native language, buy the native foods, and share the native culture. They generally are very strong on education for their kids, wanting them to have a better life and to fit into the new society. Then, the grandchildren of the original immigrants turn out to be just like everyone else, Americans of “name a country” descent. Whether it is the Irish in Boston, the Polish in Chicago, the Jew in New York, the pattern is much the same. The Afghans are in the first phase, and in the very early part of that phase.

    Miller did a lot of work and probably included more information than anything else I have seen written on the matter. It would have been nice if she had actually been on the ground here.

  3. Ms. Miller lost all her cred as a reporter when she outed Valerie Plame. But she landed a nice gig with Fox News and is a fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute think-tank. No surprises here.

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