More on Ohlone bond money going to pay administrator salaries

One of the commenters wrote that I should be ashamed of myself for writing “a TMZ” headline about the Ohlone bond.

No shame felt.

But I am mad at myself for being asleep at the wheel in Septmeber when the board approved using Measure A bond money to pay for administration salaries. It may well have been legal, but here’s the ballot language for Measure A back in 2002:

Measure A. Ohlone College Renovation and Improvement Measure — Fremont/Newark Community College District
16111 / 56.2% Yes votes
12506 / 43.7% No votes
“To allow Ohlone College to increase educational opportunities, raise student achievement, improve health/safety conditions; acquire, construct, equip an Ohlone Newark Center/site for academic, technology/nursing programs; construct Student Support Building at the Fremont Campus; renovate classrooms and buildings, upgrade and equip computer labs, libraries, science labs, and classrooms; shall Fremont-Newark Community College District issue $150,000,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, appoint a Citizens’ Oversight Committee, require annual audits, with no money for administrators’ salaries?”

Matt Artz