Last night’s news this evening

fremontFrom the cops:
Two cops spotted a stolen Toyota Corolla at the Extended Stay on Farwell Drive. They waited for three folks to get in the car and drive off before stopping the car and arresting them.

Two short men in hoodies gave someone a handgun greeting in the vicinity of Hastings Court and Eggers Drive. Police didn’t say if the victim responded with the traditional wallet toss and cell phone surrender.

Cops get a call from someone on Beloveria Court in Centerville saying someone is trying to force his way into his apartment. The intruder made it inside, and that’s where police arrested him.

A  70-year-old woman who had gone missing before went missing again Thursday night. Turns out she walked to Central Park and then to a doughnut shot in Irvington.  She was found unhurt and very wet.

Matt Artz

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