Wasserman on Bacon

PrintAdd Mayor Wasserman to list of people who think Vinnie Bacon probably would be on the City Council right now had he not decided to team up with Kathy McDonald. He said the two incumbents “lucky” Bacon made that decision.

As for ranking Bacon second out of the six finalists, Wasserman said, “He worked very hard to get elected. I think he’s sincere in wanting to contribute.”

The mayor said he might appoint him to a commission, but didn’t say which one. I think something like the Recreation Commission is more likely than Planning.

Matt Artz


  1. The mayor has it backwards. Both Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald each benefited from the other. Vinnie got more votes than Kathy simply because he had better name recognition because he had run for the Council two years earlier. For a first time candidate, Kathy did remarkably well. Vinnie and Kathy offered a clear choice to the incumbents.

    The underlying issue was the proposal to build 3150 houses, 500,000 square feet of retail space and maybe a baseball stadium for the A’s. Kathy became directly involved in politics to stop this project and its adverse effect on the school system. Vinnie also opposed the project for similar reasons. Without the homes and retail space, there was no good economic reason for Lew Wolfe to build a baseball stadium in Fremont. It was Lew Wolfe who pulled the plug on the stadium by not writing the check to do the environmental impact study of putting the hypothetical stadium near the future Warm Springs BART station.

    In summary, the mayor is incorrect. Kathy and Vinnie were very synergistic to each other. Furthermore, if they decide to run again, I will be again glad to meet voters in front of the grocery stores with them.

  2. Councilman Dutra on the A’s coming to Fremont…

    “While impacts are certain to exist, the A’s appear to be making significant and good faith efforts to address these concerns in order to mitigate them to an extent acceptable to most reasonable people.”

    All things considered the baseball stadium was going to be a huge benifit (revenue, jobs and tourist) to Fremont.

    In retrospect “most reasonable people” do not oppose a once in a lifetime opportuinity like this one.

  3. Mr. Wasserman’s decision have been extremely fair and his vote once again reflects that. I hope the Mayor would see the vlue in appointing Vinnie to the Planning Commission. The city would benefit and his recent interview does not leave any doubt that he would be reasonable and not allow himself to be guided by populist slogans like he did during the campaign.

  4. In full agreement with Paul Knight. And to add that fresh, intelligent thinking – outside of the usual circles – is good for the soul of any government.

  5. “In retrospect “most reasonable people” do not oppose a once in a lifetime opportuinity like this one.” – – based on what, Charlie ?

    (News Flash Charlie – – Those little voices you keep hearing dont count)

    And, I imagine Charlie is also of the mind that Wasserman and his gang of keystone cops would be the ones to negotiate and “plan” such a deal ??. . . LOL ! !

    Hey Charlie – you dont mean the same gang of four that can’t provide a simple explanation of the process by which they will appoint the next council member – – – do YOU ??????

    Wolff and friends woulda’ handed them their economic butts over the next 20 years . . .

    But if you still “believe” – – I suggest you start with a quick phone call to the Tesla folks . . . just a hunch, Charlie, but between you and I, I’m guessing that Mr. Musk would be on the phones to Washington faster then you can mumble “Where’s my paroxetine ?” if and when “Fremont” and “stadium” ever appear together in any newly emerging plans . . .

    Time to let it go, CHarlie – – – and figure out how we can get a Council seated that MIGHT someday possess the competency to handle this kind of project . .

  6. Some facts cannot be disputed. Considering the razor thin margin in this election it is blatantly obvious that Bacon would have a seat if Kathy was not on the ballot.

    The FCN spawn have been tripping over themselves promoting the “synergy” theme, and while that may have been true for Kathy in a consultant role, as someone who had zero chance of winning, she should have bowed out by august.

    I’ve said it before – the role of a candidate is to take votes away from others. Kathy was no exception to this rule.

  7. Took me forever to figure out that “were” is the word missing in this sentence. “He said the two incumbents “lucky” Bacon made that decision.”

    As a Bacon supporter I too have felt that there perhaps was enough “vote splitting” with McDonald to cost Bacon Harrison’s slot. Then again, how many idiots voted for Linda Susev or any of the other “really fringy” candidates. It a few of those folks hadn’t thrown away their vote nobody would be overanalyzing a partnership among two like-minded candidates.

  8. M-6:

    “Some facts cannot be disputed. Considering the razor thin margin in this election it is blatantly obvious that Bacon would have a seat if Kathy was not on the ballot.”

    I can see why you’re confused. There were *two* seats open in this election. It was not necessary for a vote for Mr. Bacon to *not* be a vote for Ms. McDonald or vice versa.

    I spoke to a number of people who said they were (or had) voting(ed) for Mr. Bacon but not Ms. McDonald. The most common stated reason for the later was that she lacked experience in a governmental role (serving on a board or merely running for election??), so they were voting for Mr. Bacon and XXXX. And although there were undoubtedly some, I never had anybody tell me that they were voting for Ms. McDonald and somebody other than Mr. Bacon.

    So I *do* dispute your “facts” (aka opinion & speculation). IMO, if Ms. McDonald had not been running, Mr. Bacon’s thin margin would probably have been wider as people who voted for him split their second vote among other candidates, including Ms. Natarajan and Mr. Harrison.

  9. I disagree with Marty’s analysis. Vinnie solidified his base of FCN by running with Kathy. Kathy brought Vinnie those votes and gave him backup. He also took away some votes away from the previous top “votegetter” – Bill Harrison. He already had the environmental groups behind him from previous campaigns. Vinnie played it well and did the best he could, but came up short.

  10. Robert, did you endorse/vote for Vinnie in 2008. Or did you endorse the devious operations of the UDC brass where they supported a political upstart. If I were Vinnie I would not have run in 2010 against two “incumbents”. However, my point is that the UDC needs to move out of the shadow of Torrico/Weickowski axis and truly restore the party to the grassroots. Tone grassroots have consistently signal led to them that they do not agree with their politics. As late as this week they have been shunned by the 4 Democrats on the City Council.

    So wake up my friend. On other threads you folks are talking about the price of bacon when the talk is about how to bake cookies. What has the price of bacon to do with baking cookies?

    I hope Vinnie runs for the open seat in 2012. I would hope he does not go back to this non sense UDC then. I would be proud to write him a check then. In fact I would be proud to write him a check now so that he can a retire his campaign debt. No democrat should spend any money from his/her pocket in order to volunteer for the community. But I would never agree with Vinnie when he paints the Developers as bad people. Judy made a very good point on how developers can build here so that the community benefits. I would have thought that Vinnie would be making such a point during his 2010 campaign. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

    This is my concept of a true Democrat and not the convoluted views that you along with a few other professional lefties espouse.

  11. Chinmoy Roy, your hypocrisy is legendary. You spent the last few months berating Bacon and saying how he was untruthful about Patterson, didn’t deserve to be appointed,etc, and now (once again for the 5th or 6th time), flip flopped and now are supporting Vinnie.
    Democrats do support Vinnie. He just has to tone down the attacks on just about everyone (as you’ve agreed). Don’t forget to mail your check to Vinnie.

    Btw, still waiting for the answer to my question…

  12. Chinmoy, I keep seeing your “professional left” comments, and now that you’ve repeated it, I just have to ask… what does that even mean as it is applied to people in Fremont? You compare local activists to that traitor Julian Assange, and for what? If you are familiar with the rally to restore sanity, this kind of hyperbole is exactly what it was hurting political discussions. Who do you consider the professional left, anyway? Those who believe in gun control, repeal on banning gays from the military, and civil rights for everyone? Should the Fremont democratic party repudiate its state and national counterparts’ platforms? I think you need to take a break from watching CNN– it seems like you see everything from the left-right prism when it should not be.

    I completely disagree with your take that we have taken a more “leftist” turn here. Nothing has really changed in the last 14 years that I have lived here other than the fact that we have more Asians getting involved in our communities.

    Also, have to mention that you keep harping on how the democratic party chose a young upstart in 2008 for city council, and yet you were on the blog, encouraging Ishan Shah. You cannot get any more young upstart than that.

  13. # 8 and 9, see # 7:

    …how many idiots voted for Linda Susev or any of the other “really fringy” candidates.

    I agree with this statement. Just by being on the ballot, she cost him the election. Add the gravitas to her from those who read the voter guide or did a quick web search before voting and the votes siphoned away from Vinnie start adding up…

  14. Vinnie has a chance in the future only if he makes up with “the established interest groups” besides the ones he has, and becomes a broad issue candidate.

  15. I supported Vinnie Bacon in his bid for City Council.
    I am somewhat of a political junkie and what impressed me about Bacon was his level of Integrity.
    Did you hear him say anything bad about the other candidates, or the Incumbents, it is true that He disagreed with some of there policy’s / decisions.
    I think Bacon would have been a breathe of fresh air amongst all the other political hacks.
    I hope He runs again in 2012

  16. Gautam, #12. “professional left” comment comes from what TCD and a few others have made about Harrison and Yee in that they are Republicans or former Republicans and hence have no chance in the Democratic party politics in Fremont. Such comments are made by the “professional lefties”.

    About Ishan. He is not an annointed candidate. Democrats do not annoint as the current UDC has done in Trisha and Salwan. Besides, Ishan does not directly work for a candiate or a political official like Trisha does. Sit back and think what would have happened if Trisha got elected with Bob Weickowski instead of Sue Chan in 2008. Trsiha is a direct employee of Alberto Torrico who is a business partner of Bob Weickowski. That is “an appearance of conflict of interest” where Trisha could be pressured to vote the way Weickowski voted or else Torrico could take her job away. I was mild to label this a “political upstart”. Ishan Shah is nowhere in that situation.

    Julian Assange. He comes in and causes a turmoil in the world. Turns everything topsy turvy, even jeopardizes the lives of those who were helping to establish a terror free world. Apply that to Alberto Torrico. He comes in, forms his own gang of “street fighters”, starts to feaud with those folks who have had a history of community service, breaks up the Democrats in Fremont into feuding camps and causes chaos. In the end he goes out with a whimper having crossed swords with the very group that put him there “the Labor Council”. Like many others grassroots in Fremont, I am also one of those who has requested Bob to work to bring the party together. He has said he would. I hope he keeps his word.

    Gautam, Tri City Dweller is one of those TDCF/UDC operatives. Notice his bigoted comments bordering on racism. Instead of taking on the criticm, I have been told to leave this place if I do not like the way it is here. I ask what is next “Is TCD going to ask me to go back to where I came from?” After all I have been told that before but not by one claiming to be a Democrat.

  17. Robert #11. In your post you mention that I agree with you about Vinnie and his criticizing others. Good to see you feel t hat way. Now I will work on you to get you to agree that the entire TCDF/UDC starting from the Chair all the way down Spade’s list.
    Vinnie had a tough job in 2010 running against incumbents. But in 2008, the UDC should have supported him instead of Trisha.

    As you have said, and I repeat, Vinnie needs to quit portraying the Developers as evil. Like Judy Zlatnik said, these developers should be chanellized to work with the community when they build their plans. I hope Vinnie takes a cue from that the next time he runs.

    And then his slogan “I do not take money from developers.” I am sure he would have droped that if he was made aware that Anu was already doing that when she was running her campaign. But she was not speaking about that to gain a political advantage and publicly making it appear that they are bad folks. Many live here in Fremont.

  18. #5…Golly, golly, golly!
    B in the Box, you really need to do something about your *IBS flare-ups. For sure “your gangs” elaborate deception on the benefits of building the stadium have thus far worked to pull the wool over some peoples eyes. The “most reasonable people” among us will in the end triumph and Wolff will have saved Fremont. May I suggest you try Beano for the brain …*Irritable Brain Syndrome can be a terrible thing!

  19. silly readers-

    we all know that Wasserman gave Vinnie 2nd choice was to help his great pal Harrison.

    You see they had calculated already that Dutra would win and therefore Harrison put Salwan as his first choice.

    That is why they put Bonaccorsi as their number 4 choice.

    while Harrison thinks that he can fool the local democratic party, he can’t fool anyone with a brain !

  20. West,

    Vinnie complained about the current council many times in comments on this blog. However, he never gave an alternative with specifics, or at least none that I saw. That’s why I didn’t support him.

    His whole bit against developers is just a joke. If it weren’t for developers, we’d be homeless. Yes, they sometimes want to develop where and in ways many people dislike. However, that doesn’t make them evil. It just means they want money, like all of us.

    The A’s in Fremont would have been amazing, totally worth all the headaches. Is NYC trying to get rid of the Yankees? Not last I checked.

    The Centerville lot has been difficult to develop because the neighborhood is relatively poor, the freeway access sucks, and the economy is in the toilet, taking property prices down with it. People complain about sprawl, but anything other than sprawl costs money by the bucket. The building code and political process of developing are also stifling.

    It’s certainly possible that McDonald cost him the election. It’s all speculation though. Did she take votes from Harrison and Anu, giving them to Bacon? Being Asian is worth a lot in this town, and being on a ticket with her is also worth something. Call it Asians by association. So what percentage of voters had McDonald as their 1st or 2nd choice and Anu or Harrison as their other favorite, all while having Bacon as the third? It seems likely that’s a small number. Unless someone did exit polling, we’ll never know. Did anyone here vote of McDonald but not Bacon? Anybody?

  21. Jon, are you so naive as NOT to realize that developers control Fremont Politics. Check the Fair Politcal Practices or go to City Hall and look where all the canpaign money came from, DEVELOPERS.
    Vinnie was not against Developers , but thought they had way to much power over Fremont Politics.
    This is the type of political rhetoric that distorts the facts to fit there own agenda.
    Jon is a big supporter of the present council as He should be, Niles gets a big slice of the pie.

  22. Did anyone here vote of McDonald but not Bacon? Anybody?

    Jon, Voters are apathetic and unfortunately ignorant of the many details we dwell on, so I doubt a majority knew the association between Bacon and McDonald.

    My point in post 13 is that most google candidates hours before voting. In this respect Kathy had it together with a good web presence. I’d say that McDonald’s website, message and race was probably enough to pull 836 votes away from Vinnie. Six no-names pulled 20,000 votes from the top four for no other reason than the fact that the existed.

    Kathy cost Bacon 836 votes, that is beyond plausible.

  23. Marty,

    Oh, it’s plausible. I just don’t think it’s true. I also disagree about most people googling candidates hours before the election. Many but not most. If that were true, campaigning would be useless. As evidenced by Lara York’s crushing victory over me and four other candidates, a campaign can be quite powerful. As for the Asian factor, take a look at the votes the fourth place candidate got.

    By my estimate, the voter pamphlet and google probably decide 1/4 to 1/2 of the votes, depending upon the issue. Propositions get more votes from google and the pamphlet because they both actually have information. In contrast, most candidate statements say little of value. The rest is campaigning.

    Back when I ran, I spoke with quite a few people who had already committed to voting for Lara York long before the real campaign started. They weren’t terribly concerned with her policies. They just knew and generally liked her, having been reached by her and her network. This is not sour grapes; it’s admiration. I think she’s the best the school board has.

    But in the end, like I said, we just don’t and won’t know.


    Honestly, you sound paranoid. Part of the responsibility of the city council is to help and guide the city’s development.

    Do I support the council because they help Niles? No. I support them because they’re intelligent, hard-working, and realistic. The improvements in front of my store have not brought any business, but they have improved drainage and lighting, making the area safer and cleaner. Is that a horrible thing? It was, to my knowledge, among the worst if not the worst draining retail sections of the city. It also greatly affected the Niles Library.

    You do raise an interesting point, that Niles is seeing a concentration of effort and funds. That comes from citizen and business action, working together to improve the area. Meanwhile, my house still has rocks instead of a sidewalk.

  24. “The A’s in Fremont would have been amazing, totally worth all the headaches. Is NYC trying to get rid of the Yankees? Not last I checked. ”

    An interesting but irrelevant anecdote since clearly communities do many things that aren’t economically advantageous or even sustainable, right Jon ?

    The facts continue to reveal conclusions such as – “Much of the spending attracted by new stadiums simply is shifted from entertainment spending that already existed in other venues, such as theaters and restaurants. Furthermore, large portions of the subsidy leave the city in the pockets of owners and players who live in far-flung suburbs. ”


  25. Look out folks… *B in the Box (*B is for bloviate) continues to pass his idiot wind in our general direction. The fact is these stadiums continue to be built because revenues generated by professional sports contribute to the local economy and beyond. Many benefit from economic growth, thousands of jobs, small business revitalization, civic pride and other immeasurable intangible benefits are clear.
    What Mr. Box lacks in substance he more makes up in his irrationality. The indignation of the reasonable is just and could still prevail with the of building of Cisco Park in Fremont. Jon unlike *B you can count yourself as reasonable.

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